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CPI Justifies quota in IIT and IIM (D.Raja)

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on April 10, 2006

CPI justifies quotas in IIMs and IITs
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Chennai, April 8: The CPI today supported the Centre's decision to extend reservation for backward classes in higher educational institutions and said people should view the "long overdue development in a dispassionate manner".

Debunking the theory that reservation would compromise merit, efficiency and quality, CPI national secretary D Raja, told reporters here that this could not be accepted because SCs, STs and OBCs had been denied access to higher educational institutions for a long time.

He claimed that an "undeclared" reservation system had always prevailed in educational institutions, where a quota existed after separate quota was allocated to SCs and STs.

Mr D Raja (Doraisamy Raja) is trying to pull the age old trick on us. He is conveniently clubbing OBCs and SC/STs together as if they suffered the same levels of injustice.

He claims to be from a poor landless agricultural family is Tamil Nadu. Who were the landowners – the Mudaliars, Gounders, Naickers. These communities are the powerful landownding zamins on TN. Now the downtrodden Raja is arguing that these powerful communities be given preferential treatment in IIT/IIMs.  Nice try Mr Raja , but most people are seeing through this these days. Even Dalits now understand how OBCs are trying to club themselves and steal all their benefits while still holding on to large land holdings. 


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