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Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on April 10, 2006


Naxals blast rly track, station
Monday April 10 2006 10:46 IST

PATNA: Naxalites blew up Bansi Nala halt and railway tracks on the Gaya-Dhanbad section on Sunday and also took railway staff hostage. The railways had decided to suspend movement of trains between Patna and Gaya on Saturday night in view of the bandh called by the CPI(Maoist).

So Reality Check India is not just about reservations. There are other major problems with India that are not mentioned in the media. We bloggers must take it up.

Consider the above news item :

A group of criminals (let us ignore any social cause they fight for) blow up a railway track in the most populous state in India. They also blow up the building housing the station. What happened to them after the attack ?

Did the police chase them ?

Did the politicians announce that henceforth "wireless sets will be installed in sensitive railway stations". The guards can use these sets to instantly alert a airborne rapid action team to arrive at the scene within minutes.

Nothing at all. So we have a bunch of thugs who strike at will. There is no suggestion or even hint of action against them. No mention of how these attacks will be negated in the future. Not even a condemnation of these attacks from any political party.

Reality Check: These thugs rule a large part of Indias heartland. Dont believe the cute posts in the media and venture to travel in these areas.

I am waiting to see if the HINDU will report this attack in tomorrows paper.


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