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SC/STs need reservation , yes even the creamy layer ones

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on April 10, 2006

So here is a post for you that commits the classic mistake.

The year I got through JEE, the 9th ranker in resrved category was 1900th rank in general category. That was when I felt that reservation was “justice denied” to hundreds of deserving candidates. In my opinion, a person by virtue of coaching classes alone and no work input, can get close to 6000th to 10000th rank in JEE. If the student happens to belong to SC/ST category,…..

This is a grave error and the root cause of all problems. First you need to recognize *who* the SC/STs are and who the OBCs are. If you cannot even have this level of discussion, you will continue to make these wild allegations against SC/STs.

The SC/STs are the real downtrodden unfortunate souls who for ages have been performing menial tasks (cleaning drains, cobblers, carrying night soil, eating rats and so forth). Even today, SC/STs land holdings are miniscule. Let me put in easy language for you. There are very very few SC/STs who own say 1 ground of land in Chennai or even in the villages. They usually toil in other peoples lands. This is the situation. Yes, there is a creamy layer among SC/STs but that isnt thick enough. They have still some way to go before enough of them cross over the line, start owning lands – ownig companies / shops/ restaurants and so forth. So reservations for SC/STs – even if they deny some merit candidates are fully justified at the 22.5 % level. You just cannot expect to run away from your obligations towards the inhuman way these unfortunate souls have been treated. Harping about reservations to SC/STs is a losing cause. At 22.5% it certainly has not damaged the IITs and IIMs in any way.

Now coming to the OBCs, this is where the fun starts.
Again, it is important to understand who the OBCs are – and  the position they occupy in society vis-a-vis the SC/STs. If you dont understand their position in society (either by intuition or by reading between the lines in the media) – then you cant expect to have a meaningful discussion on the current issue.

The OBCs are the most powerful people in India today. They were also powerful yesterday, 50years back, 100 years, 200 years back. In TN, the OBCs are Mudaliars, Pillais, Gounders, and Thevars, at least these are the dominant ones. These are large land holding communities, each dominant in their own geographical areas of Tamilnadu. The important fact to remember is that at no point in history were these communities subject to injustice. The brahmins (the main non BC community in Tamilnadu – others are Chettiars) were in no position to torment these communities. This was probably because the Brahmins were really dependent on handouts from these communities. The OBCs have dominated for decades, for example there are only *2* FC MLAs in the TN assembly. One is H.Raja of BJP and the other is your Amma. Most top private univesities are owned by OBCs. The richest Tamilian is also classified as OBC, so are all his relaties. It is for these people that the IIT/IIMs want to reserve seats. That is the issue being discussed now.

Do not also have any illusions about the capabilities of students from Mudaliar / Pillai / Gounder and other OBC communities. They can easily outscore and outshine brahmin students in entrance exams, in the universities, in real life. Yes, that is the fact. Last year, only 40 students from the FC category got admisson to MBBS courses even though 200 seats were available for them to contest. I would bet that the remaining 160 seats were taken by Mudaliar / Pillai / Gounder students – not because of reservation. It is because they are just better students who beat the brahmins fair and square in the exam.

Tamilnadu of course is the most pathalogical case.

Tamilnadu is further skewed because of the very very thick creamy layer among OBCs. We are talking students who belong to families where both parents and grandparents are doctors. OBC families who *own* colleges and trusts. Most boarding schools say Kodai Intl, Lovedale, Good Shepard are filled with OBC students. There is no argument that these are the best schools – they get to learn English from real Englishmen ! At least these students must be kept out of the OBC quota. But unfortunately that is not the case.

Stay tuned for more and do not make the mistake (ever!) of clubbing OBCs and SC/STs together.


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  1. Evenstar said, on April 10, 2006 at 5:26 am

    Very insightful post. In the example you mentioned, it wouldn’t be as bad, and perhaps it would be well justified if the 1900th ranker was really poor, downtrodden, opressed and so on.

    Maybe we need to redefine Backward Classes to include the really downtrodden of the present day?

  2. Shankar said, on April 10, 2006 at 7:38 am

    i just quoted 1900th rank as an example. If he was indeed poor, he totally deserves the seat. I support reservation based on income (people may fight about numbers later). I do know that it’s not a coincidence that most of sc/st are poor. they have been oppressed before, may take couple of generation more to bridge the gap (thanks to the inefficiency of govt.). reservation based on financial status would help not only the socially opressed but poor and the needy who are as incapable of receiving good education as any other poor sc/st (on financial basis only). The ground reality is the affluent sc/st (IAS etc.) are taking those seats away. I am sure no one is discriminating against sc/st in the cities. If there is a poor OBC candidate, he deserves a seat too (along with other poor students). It is the whole idea of reservation based on cast that i am not in favour of. It is dividing people up.

  3. Software Reviews said, on October 2, 2006 at 10:09 am

    tamilnadu history

    Can u provide more information about this ?

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