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Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on April 11, 2006

The actual results for existing quotas are quite disheartening. The web site of one of the IITs points out that 'as the seats for the SC/ST students are often unfilled because adequate number of students do not qualify JEE with relaxed norms, a further relaxation of JEE norm is made to select students for a one year Preparatory Course.' Even after completing the Prep Course, many of these students are still unprepared for the maelstrom of intense competition and 'grading on a curve' that they get thrown into.

The above article is interesting but also makes the error of talking about SC/ST and OBCs in the same breath. This is just wrong and totally unfair to the SC/ST (Dalits).

Have we lost our ability to see clearly around us ? Other than SC/STs *no* other community deserves reservation on the basis of historical wrongs. Least of all, the erstwhile jamins and the current day major landowning and political communities which constitute the OBCs.

By talking about the performance of these students in IITs, this author is only exposing a fatal flaw in his argument. The flaw is that he seems to assert that performance is the reason for his opposition to this form of quota.

Let me ask him this. If this OBC quota is introduced in IITs, most of the OBC seats will be cornered by a select few traditionally educated castes among the OBCs. I can almost guarantee that these communities will peform reasonably well in IITs.

Consider this example:

A candidate from the OBC quota whose JEE rank is 4000 may make it , but a FC candidate with a rank 2000 may be denied a seat. But guess what, once inside the IIT, the OBC rank 4000 may not perform dismally bad, he/she may be average – but not bad to the point of flunking. So all his arguments go through the window because the new quota system has now selected an *average* or *above average* student at the expense of a brilliant student.

The real issue is one of identification and monitoring the reservation system in general. We should ask questions about *who* these OBC communities are ? What progress they have made in the past 3 generations (grandpa, father, son ) ?

That my friend is the key. Once you start studying the actual positons in society of these OBCs, you will be amazed. The same families from ciommunities, that were not backward to begin with, are cornering most of the benefits of reservation. This is greatly harmful to the SC/STs and distracts from the purpose of delivering true social justice to the SC/ST – which is our collective national duty !

Lesson : Never every talk about OBC and SC/ST as if they suffered the same amounts of injustice in the past.


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  1. XYZ said, on May 29, 2006 at 11:38 am

    I dont understand, why reservation for SC/ST is valid and reservation for OBCs is not. If the thoery of reservation is true for one then it should be true for the other as well as both are termed as under-previledged class.

    If not then there should be no caste/class discrimination and equal opportunity should be given to all( no classism/racism invovled).

    If one says that the change should be done from lower-level of education i.e. primary school (so that in future one can compete with another solele on merit and nothing else..) for OBCs the same should be applied for the other castes/classes as well.

  2. murali said, on June 17, 2006 at 7:16 pm

    sir,you have not factored the basic fact that the deepest impulse in man is that of self preservation. A few noble souls go beyond this instinct,a great many have baser instincts.The mainspring and motive of human conduct has not substantially changed in the last 4000 years.The dravidians feel they are beleagured,particularly mudaliars and pillais,who are the custodians of the tamil language.whenever they are presented with a oppurtunity by delhi morons,they are quick to fish in troubled,for them is something to do with power,sorry,everything to do with power and self preservation.perhaps,they have a point.

  3. realitycheck said, on June 17, 2006 at 7:51 pm


    I agree that self-preservation is an built in trait of every human being. My point in this post was the essential difference between SC/STs and OBCs.

    SC/STs have some special provisions for them built into the constitution of India. In other words, this is a feature of the *object* we know as the Indian republic.

    They are the only claimants to the quota system. By tagging along the OBCs, we confuse the issue.

    The more I read about Ambedkar, the more I admire the man and his foresight. A case in point was that he feared that the SC MPs elected from reserved constituencies will not pursue the interests of SCs, but rather of the landlords and other people in his area. We see that all around us, take the case of D.Raja. Why is he so involved in the OBC quota issue ? Shouldnt he be more concerned about his own group, the landless SC laborers in western Tamilnadu. The foresight of Dr Ambedkar is amazing.

  4. murali said, on June 20, 2006 at 5:29 pm

    i doubt whether raja is really a dalit.can you please enlighten me on your it also true, that ramadoss senior got his medical seat by a false there any way of finding the truth?

    even if one brings the creamy layer ,they will just circumvevt it,unless they have a change of heart.which is dreaming for the moon.

    i believe there must be a creamy layer for sc’s as well,otherwise it fuels an urban,industrial,globalised,indvidualised,connected world,reservation for one generation is sufficient.

  5. realitycheck said, on June 20, 2006 at 5:39 pm

    Actually my source was a rediff chat where he claimed he belonged to the lowest of low class which faced inhuman oppression. I dont recall any other source. Correct me if I am wrong – please.

    Creamy Layers cannot be removed for SC/STs. You would have to amend the constitution for that.

    Even that amendment may be invalid because the rationale for SC/ST quotas are fundamentally for a different reason than for OBCs. SC/STs have and still face the most inhuman oppression in many parts of India.

    It is extensively studied and crime figures against the SCs are readily available.

  6. rachel said, on January 11, 2007 at 3:46 pm

    i love my buick!

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