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Another article (Mandal Redux)

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The actual results for existing quotas are quite disheartening. The web site of one of the IITs points out that 'as the seats for the SC/ST students are often unfilled because adequate number of students do not qualify JEE with relaxed norms, a further relaxation of JEE norm is made to select students for a one year Preparatory Course.' Even after completing the Prep Course, many of these students are still unprepared for the maelstrom of intense competition and 'grading on a curve' that they get thrown into.

The above article is interesting but also makes the error of talking about SC/ST and OBCs in the same breath. This is just wrong and totally unfair to the SC/ST (Dalits).

Have we lost our ability to see clearly around us ? Other than SC/STs *no* other community deserves reservation on the basis of historical wrongs. Least of all, the erstwhile jamins and the current day major landowning and political communities which constitute the OBCs.

By talking about the performance of these students in IITs, this author is only exposing a fatal flaw in his argument. The flaw is that he seems to assert that performance is the reason for his opposition to this form of quota.

Let me ask him this. If this OBC quota is introduced in IITs, most of the OBC seats will be cornered by a select few traditionally educated castes among the OBCs. I can almost guarantee that these communities will peform reasonably well in IITs.

Consider this example:

A candidate from the OBC quota whose JEE rank is 4000 may make it , but a FC candidate with a rank 2000 may be denied a seat. But guess what, once inside the IIT, the OBC rank 4000 may not perform dismally bad, he/she may be average – but not bad to the point of flunking. So all his arguments go through the window because the new quota system has now selected an *average* or *above average* student at the expense of a brilliant student.

The real issue is one of identification and monitoring the reservation system in general. We should ask questions about *who* these OBC communities are ? What progress they have made in the past 3 generations (grandpa, father, son ) ?

That my friend is the key. Once you start studying the actual positons in society of these OBCs, you will be amazed. The same families from ciommunities, that were not backward to begin with, are cornering most of the benefits of reservation. This is greatly harmful to the SC/STs and distracts from the purpose of delivering true social justice to the SC/ST – which is our collective national duty !

Lesson : Never every talk about OBC and SC/ST as if they suffered the same amounts of injustice in the past.


Naxal reality check

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Naxals blast rly track, station
Monday April 10 2006 10:46 IST

PATNA: Naxalites blew up Bansi Nala halt and railway tracks on the Gaya-Dhanbad section on Sunday and also took railway staff hostage. The railways had decided to suspend movement of trains between Patna and Gaya on Saturday night in view of the bandh called by the CPI(Maoist).

So Reality Check India is not just about reservations. There are other major problems with India that are not mentioned in the media. We bloggers must take it up.

Consider the above news item :

A group of criminals (let us ignore any social cause they fight for) blow up a railway track in the most populous state in India. They also blow up the building housing the station. What happened to them after the attack ?

Did the police chase them ?

Did the politicians announce that henceforth "wireless sets will be installed in sensitive railway stations". The guards can use these sets to instantly alert a airborne rapid action team to arrive at the scene within minutes.

Nothing at all. So we have a bunch of thugs who strike at will. There is no suggestion or even hint of action against them. No mention of how these attacks will be negated in the future. Not even a condemnation of these attacks from any political party.

Reality Check: These thugs rule a large part of Indias heartland. Dont believe the cute posts in the media and venture to travel in these areas.

I am waiting to see if the HINDU will report this attack in tomorrows paper.

SC/STs need reservation , yes even the creamy layer ones

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So here is a post for you that commits the classic mistake.

The year I got through JEE, the 9th ranker in resrved category was 1900th rank in general category. That was when I felt that reservation was “justice denied” to hundreds of deserving candidates. In my opinion, a person by virtue of coaching classes alone and no work input, can get close to 6000th to 10000th rank in JEE. If the student happens to belong to SC/ST category,…..

This is a grave error and the root cause of all problems. First you need to recognize *who* the SC/STs are and who the OBCs are. If you cannot even have this level of discussion, you will continue to make these wild allegations against SC/STs.

The SC/STs are the real downtrodden unfortunate souls who for ages have been performing menial tasks (cleaning drains, cobblers, carrying night soil, eating rats and so forth). Even today, SC/STs land holdings are miniscule. Let me put in easy language for you. There are very very few SC/STs who own say 1 ground of land in Chennai or even in the villages. They usually toil in other peoples lands. This is the situation. Yes, there is a creamy layer among SC/STs but that isnt thick enough. They have still some way to go before enough of them cross over the line, start owning lands – ownig companies / shops/ restaurants and so forth. So reservations for SC/STs – even if they deny some merit candidates are fully justified at the 22.5 % level. You just cannot expect to run away from your obligations towards the inhuman way these unfortunate souls have been treated. Harping about reservations to SC/STs is a losing cause. At 22.5% it certainly has not damaged the IITs and IIMs in any way.

Now coming to the OBCs, this is where the fun starts.
Again, it is important to understand who the OBCs are – and  the position they occupy in society vis-a-vis the SC/STs. If you dont understand their position in society (either by intuition or by reading between the lines in the media) – then you cant expect to have a meaningful discussion on the current issue.

The OBCs are the most powerful people in India today. They were also powerful yesterday, 50years back, 100 years, 200 years back. In TN, the OBCs are Mudaliars, Pillais, Gounders, and Thevars, at least these are the dominant ones. These are large land holding communities, each dominant in their own geographical areas of Tamilnadu. The important fact to remember is that at no point in history were these communities subject to injustice. The brahmins (the main non BC community in Tamilnadu – others are Chettiars) were in no position to torment these communities. This was probably because the Brahmins were really dependent on handouts from these communities. The OBCs have dominated for decades, for example there are only *2* FC MLAs in the TN assembly. One is H.Raja of BJP and the other is your Amma. Most top private univesities are owned by OBCs. The richest Tamilian is also classified as OBC, so are all his relaties. It is for these people that the IIT/IIMs want to reserve seats. That is the issue being discussed now.

Do not also have any illusions about the capabilities of students from Mudaliar / Pillai / Gounder and other OBC communities. They can easily outscore and outshine brahmin students in entrance exams, in the universities, in real life. Yes, that is the fact. Last year, only 40 students from the FC category got admisson to MBBS courses even though 200 seats were available for them to contest. I would bet that the remaining 160 seats were taken by Mudaliar / Pillai / Gounder students – not because of reservation. It is because they are just better students who beat the brahmins fair and square in the exam.

Tamilnadu of course is the most pathalogical case.

Tamilnadu is further skewed because of the very very thick creamy layer among OBCs. We are talking students who belong to families where both parents and grandparents are doctors. OBC families who *own* colleges and trusts. Most boarding schools say Kodai Intl, Lovedale, Good Shepard are filled with OBC students. There is no argument that these are the best schools – they get to learn English from real Englishmen ! At least these students must be kept out of the OBC quota. But unfortunately that is not the case.

Stay tuned for more and do not make the mistake (ever!) of clubbing OBCs and SC/STs together.

OBC / MBC Did you know ?

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We have been studying the reservation system in Tamilnadu. The state is unique because of the extreme levels of reservation 70% (besides other quotas like sports, disabled, management, ex-servicemen etc).

Did you that ALL muslims and christians in Tamilnadu are at least BC ?

Yes, thats true. No matter how wealthy you are, how many Skodas, Ford Endeavours you own, how many estates you own. If you go to Tanjore district, Kumbakonam, Mayiladuthurai, Kariakal – you will be humbled by the wealth (from Gulf and USA and other countries) of Muslims. The entire highway is lined with bungalows, Australian pines, Korean grass lawns of powerful muslims.

All Christians are also classified as backward atleast. This means that with sufficient means Christians can also get MBC certificates quite easily.

Are you wondering , how this happened ? It is quite obvious that many sections are clearly not backward – so why is this acceptable ? The reason – coming soon.

CPI Justifies quota in IIT and IIM (D.Raja)

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CPI justifies quotas in IIMs and IITs
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Chennai, April 8: The CPI today supported the Centre's decision to extend reservation for backward classes in higher educational institutions and said people should view the "long overdue development in a dispassionate manner".

Debunking the theory that reservation would compromise merit, efficiency and quality, CPI national secretary D Raja, told reporters here that this could not be accepted because SCs, STs and OBCs had been denied access to higher educational institutions for a long time.

He claimed that an "undeclared" reservation system had always prevailed in educational institutions, where a quota existed after separate quota was allocated to SCs and STs.

Mr D Raja (Doraisamy Raja) is trying to pull the age old trick on us. He is conveniently clubbing OBCs and SC/STs together as if they suffered the same levels of injustice.

He claims to be from a poor landless agricultural family is Tamil Nadu. Who were the landowners – the Mudaliars, Gounders, Naickers. These communities are the powerful landownding zamins on TN. Now the downtrodden Raja is arguing that these powerful communities be given preferential treatment in IIT/IIMs.  Nice try Mr Raja , but most people are seeing through this these days. Even Dalits now understand how OBCs are trying to club themselves and steal all their benefits while still holding on to large land holdings. 

TN Congress Chief supports OBC reservations

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CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu Congress Committee president M.Krishnasswamy has welcomed the Central Government's move to provide reservation for other backward classes (OBCs) in central universities, the Indian Institutes of Technology, the Indian Institutes of Management and self-financing colleges.

Is anyone surprised by this ? TN is the international leader in reservation politics. Mr Krishnaswamy is the sammandi relative of PMK founder Ramadoss. He belongs to the Vanniyar community – which fought (justifiably) and created a new category called MBC (Most Backward Caste) for his community.

Quota in CMC Vellore – exactly how much

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As a Christian Minority Institution, a proportion of seats are reserved for the admission of Christian students. To be eligible to apply for these seats, candidates should enclose a certificate from their pastor countersigned by authorised signatories of their church. Please consult website for details.Ph:(0416) 2284255

There is a debate raging over OBC quotas, luckily colleges like CMC Vellore will be excluded from its preview. CMC used to mention on its website what the "christian quota" was – now they have removed it. Everyone knows it is 65-70%. All colleges should be forced to clearly state what their quota regime is ! Surprisingly that is not the requirement.

What is Reality Check India ?

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Welcome all !

We all need a dose of reality check. You cant find it in the India mainstream media – where everything is hyped up or just ignored. This blog will make an attempt to give you that 5ml shot of Reality Check I.V to help you stay grounded.