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SC – where is the data ?

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on May 9, 2006

SC wonders why no data on representation outside category

‘‘Which government keeps any data on how many are getting representation without reservation. I don’t think the state or Centre is keeping any such data so that any group can be taken out of reservation,’’ observed Chief Justice of India Justice Y K Sabharwal

Great observation. Anyone who is knowledgeable about how reservations work will appreciate this question.

The entire discussion about the recent OBC quota move – is based on the incorrect and outrageously wrong premise that OBCs are disadvantaged, denied access, discriminated against, or even underrepresented in some way.

This may be true of some OBC components, but not for the dominant OBC components. In some states like Tamilnadu, a handful of OBC communities fill up both the OBC quota and the OC quota. If you talk about proportional representation – they will be way over their "limit".

We should seek facts from the courts :

  • We must only seek facts about OBCs – not MBCs or SC/STs. We all agree that MBCs/SC/STs are subjected to social injustice – which is not the case with OBCs. Mixing OBC statistics with MBC/SC/ST only confuses the central issue and leads to nowhere.

The most helpful statistics are :

  • What % of applications to professional courses and government employment come from each OBC component ? This is readily available as these records are computerised and each OBC component has a community code.
  • How many students from each OBC component made it into (a) reserved category seats and (b) general category seats ? <– this will shock many people who believe that OBCs do not fare well in exams
  • What percentage of total doctors currently in practise are from each OBC component ? <– this will shock people who think forward communities dominate these professions. our guess is that some OBC communities have 4x – 8x *times* the number of doctors than the forward communities.

FOr starters the above facts can be easily obtained from admission records. We can see a very clear picture if these records are obtained for the past 10-20 even 30 years.


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