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Birth right ?

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on May 10, 2006

What is your birth right ? A quota for your caste or equal opportunity.

Most right thinking men and women will agree that only equal opportunity is your birth right – not a quota for your community at every level, but listen to your politicians.{2A933011-C850-4CBA-8CD2

Provide seats for OBCs in IIT: PMK

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Chennai, May 10: The OBCs in Tamil Nadu have every right for seats in the IIT-Madras, which is a "fortress of the upper class", Pattali Makkal Katchi founder S Ramadoss said today.

…. "Real intellect lies among the backward community. Why give only 27 per cent, give them 50 per cent, it is their birth right," Ramadoss said, adding the Congress-DMK-PMK combine at the Centre would ensure that it was implemented. (Our Correspondent)

What about MBCs ? Mr Ramados single handedly founded a category called Most Backward Classes and obtained 20% quota for them in all educational institutions in Tamilnadu. Why is he not asking for MBC quota in IIT/IIM/AIIMS ?

He claims that quality will not be diluted because:

He drew attention to the recently announced civil services exam results in which two students belonging to the OBC community had secured the 4th and 84th ranks in the general category itself. 

This is a standard logic to all Tamilnadu politicians and is very dangerous. His argument is actually in defense of removing some communities from the OBC list because they are very competitive and have faced no social discrimination in the past. In Tamilnadu, year after year for over 40 years OBCs have dominated both their quota and the open competition quota. This is due to the simple fact that some heavyweight communities are incorrectly classified as OBCs due to the phenomenon known as the dravidian movement.


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