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Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on May 10, 2006

Reservation issue turns University into virtual battlefield

"Anybody who obtains an OBC certificate, has to prove that he does not came under the creamy layer. This creamy layer has been defined very clearly in the statutes. But if any loopholes are facilitating undeserving ones, we should try to remove them rather than rubbishing the reservation system itself", says Nirbhay Singh Patel, president of the Arakshan Samarthak Morcha. 

Wrong ! Mr Nirbhay Singh Patel.

Many states do not recognize the exclusion of creamy layer. In Tamilnadu, OBCs do not need a non-creamy layer certificate even after 16 years after Mandal commission mandated it. All political parties are against it, if implemented parties like DMK may even withdraw support to the UPA.

Second, the Mandal Commission required a reevaluation every 10 years of all the OBC components (castes that make up the OBCs) to determine if they still fit the profile of an "oppressed class". Has that happened anywhere in India ?

Third, we do not collect or monitor the system in any shape size or form. Everyone is eager to compare our system with the AA policy in USA, without realizing that the AA/DM system is monitored on a micro basis. I can get a detailed statistics on black and hispanic representation on a county-by-county basis. Do we do that here ? Nope.

A totally unmonitored, politicized, unaccountable, and unmanageable system is what we have. All key recommendations of the Mandal report (other than the percent reservations) have been thrown to the winds. Cases are pending in SC for years now.

The only supporters are the creamy layer dominant OBCs.


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