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Absurd statistics

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on May 13, 2006

We have always maintained that a total lack of monitoring and availability of even rudimentary statistics are the hallmarks of the current reservation system.

Mr Kamal Nath thinks that SC/ST/OBCs are in minority in 3/4th of Indian districts. Are you shocked ? The whole premise we are operating upon is that SC + ST constitute 25% of the population and OBCs constitute around 53%. That makes the forward classes only 20%. Kamal Nath on the other hand claims that except 104 districts (I remind the readers that India has 460 districts) – forward classes are in numerical majority in all Indian districts.

Nath said India's growth has so far been "urban-centric" and it was important to develop areas which were not a part of this growth story. There are about 104 districts in the country, where SCs, STs and OBCs comprised more than 50 per cent of the population, he said, adding these were the areas where the government wanted the industry to set up operations. 

See link:{CEEBED60-69DA-4917-B7A0-6B9C38752943}&CATEGORYNAME=BIZ

All papers have printed this without a question being asked.

Kamal Nath cites this important statistic as a prime reason why private sector reservation is justified.


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