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Creamy layer should continue to enjoy – Dr Ramdoss

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on May 19, 2006,~Ramadoss~in~GoM

Dr Ramadoss opposed the introduction of a "creamy layer" in reservation for OBCs in elite educational institutions. "There is no mention of creamy layer in the Constitution and we follow the law of the land," he told a private TV channel. 

Only those not familiar with Tamilnadu will be shocked.

This is the problem with the system ! Different people have different views about the quota system. For many the quota system has nothing to do with social justice at all, it is just a mechanism of preferential treatment. They cannot understand why a high economic and living standard should be a basis for losing that preferential treatment.

Most people will be shocked that TN does not exclude the creamy layer from the OBC quota. As a result a small set of affluent OBCs corner the medical seats year after year, generation after generation. This is touted as a great success of reservations !. Dr Anbumani himself is the son of a doctor, in TN his son too will be eligible for the quota. A poor woodcutter, cook, priest, or masons son (of any caste) has absolutely no chance against a second or third generation doctor who goes to the best schools and lives in air conditioned mansions. Is this social justice in action ?

To add to the confusion there is a TOTAL LACK of monitoring of the system not only in Tamilnadu but all through India. You cant even get answers to simple questions like "What progress has OBC community X made in the past 50 years in terms of professional education ?"

All political parties in TN hate the creamy layer exclusion concept. Even after 16 years there is no chance it will be implemented here. So, the cornerstone of the Mandal recommendation has been thrown out the window and life goes on !

Now, he has been included in the set of ministers studying the concept of quota. It seems the rest of India must get ready for TN style quotas.

The increase in seats to match the quota is a major deception because it is only one time and all new additions or new institutes will not reflect the increased seats. So any future expansion of seats (say in 2-3 years time) will not reflect these increases.

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  1. Mahesh said, on June 22, 2006 at 8:30 pm

    Dont know about PMK and TN politics, and dont care, but the developments at AIIMS are surely of concern. Who the dash is this Ramdoss? If he remains Health Minister India’s health is sure to go worse! And if this govt has its way, this country is heading for a living ‘post-mortem’.

  2. dr anand said, on September 9, 2006 at 6:31 am

    if the so called opperssed communities of India cannot come up in spite of fifty years of reservations, they never can do that in another fifty years. the act of giving reservations is stupid, we would be left out in the race towards a highly developed and refined society because of this reservations.

    we indians readily understand the importance bringing up the poor but that does not mean u should give them seats and jobs at will. “give the spark never the fire” should be the correct policy. give financial help for the poor to learn, they will learn as every human brain is capable according to its capacity, dont give them free seats in educational institutions, and free jobs, let the poor gain them by their own effort. give them financial help and free training to pass the entrance exams. my request to the administrators and the govts are, help the indians keep up their diginity by avoiding all sorts of reservations. let us build a good and beautiful society with our own efforts.

    dr. anand

  3. Mobiles Reviews said, on October 1, 2006 at 6:03 pm

    pmk tamilnadu

    Can u provide more information about this ?

  4. Vidhi Bedi said, on April 14, 2007 at 3:00 pm

    Can anybody tell me the correct and the right meaning of reservations? Reservations must be strictly for those who do not have enough resources to educate themselves. But in India it has been iterpreted in a total wrong way.. it is actually dividing India in various group on basis of caste and creed. What about the people who belong to the general category and are not financially strong? Are there any reservations for them? Why are they being excluded? We the people of general category are being out casted. Is this called justice? If yes then please proceed and continue this injustice which will cripple India further and will stop it from developing. This injustice that the people of India are facing is just because of the polititians and their vote bank policy. They are the root cause for the undeveloped India. Lastly all i would like to say is that reservations should be for those who are economically backward and not for those who are socially backward. Makes sense i guess..!!

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