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Who is benefitting ?

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on June 9, 2006

"If you look at the employment data, the MBCs, the SCs and the STs have not benefited. The real needy will benefit only when we remove the creamy layer. For the last 56 years, reservation has not reached the needy, and there is data to show that," MIDS professor

Before you shed tears for the hardships and discrimination faced by the hapless OBCs, just look around.  There are a lot of characteristics of OBCs, but backwardness is definitely not one of them, atleast for the OBCs who are going to benefit most from the proposed reservations.

Take the case of TWO commissions (in TN)


  • Prior to commisson reservation was 25% BC and 16% SC/ST (Total = 41%) Quite a sane level

The first commission (Sattanathan commission) found that in 1969-70, just 9 BC communities (making up just 11% of BC population) cornered almost all benefits available (47% of total medical and 46% of engineering seats, 40% of non-gazetted and 48% of gazetted posts). The gounders claimed backwardness in this commission and attained it. If you think clearly, you cannot blame any community for claiming benefits when they see another community in the same position running away with the prizes.


  • Prior to this commission, reservation was ( 31% BC and 18% SC/ST), total = 49% (just below the SC directive) – but MGR arbitrarily hiked the OBC share from 31% to 51% (pure political move). This hike was 20% bringing the total to 69% which stands till today.
  • Due to MGRs unilateral act, the SC intervened and asked for a commission – thus the second commission came into being. Ref:

The second commission (Ambasankar) concluded that just 22 of the OBC communities (~10% of total OBC communities) cornered 77% of reserved seats in professional courses and 64% of new government jobs. Around this time Vanniyars led by Ramdoss (father of Anbumani Ramdoss) fought and got themselves reclassified as MBCs.

2006-07 ??

What will a study today show ?

  • One – it will show that the so called OC pool is shrinking due to migration and non-participation. Most OCs have come to accept that professional courses it not for them. Just check the commerce group in high school (it would be interesting to note the composition).
  • Two – it will show the absolute domination of the top-OBCs in both the reserved and open categories. It will show even more marginalization of the really needy OBCs (who are not traditionally land owning or aristocratic)
  • Three – it will lead to even more vociferous and legitimate demands from marginalized OBC communities

Is it any wonder that no political party wants this kind of data ?

— Some other comments on other bloggers —

How did communities get BC status ? 

There is a lot of ill-informed talk on the blogosphere about the famous 11 criteria for backwardness identified by the Mandal Commission. None of the bloggers seem to know that these 11 criteria were never used as a test for inclusion of communities into the OBC list. In any case, everyone would welcome it if the government reclassified all OBCs based on the 11 criteria. There must be some objectiveness to the system. It seems Mandal just asked each state to furnish a list of OBCs and included it without any evaluation. Yes, the commission did visit a handful of villages – but that was not India-wide or was any objectivity applied.

One month is enough for the initial survey of OBCs 

Another group of people are claiming that collecting facts will take too long  and therefore we cannot wait for data and subsequent analysis. They want to extend the benefits of top institutions to the same dominant communities who have cornered most of the benefits in each state. A study of OBCs can be really simple and can take less than  a month. Are you wondering how ? All the government needs is to analyze the admissions to professional colleges. These records are community based and a simple databases query ought to be enough. Then why is the government running scared ?

Please please no sob stories of lead-pouring, night-soil carrying, whilplash receiving, hut burning, stories. These are the stories of the really oppressed – the SC/STs, please please do not hijack it or extend it the the OBCs (certainly not to the ones who are going to corner most of these new benefits).


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  1. Polite Indian said, on July 25, 2006 at 7:15 pm


    I have seen you write a lot about how reservations in the current form and shape are not a good thing for India.

    Elsewhere on the web I have seen people debate this vehemently. I don’t see anyone talking about getting rid of the caste system alltogether. Is this because no one wants to? Or is it because the thought has not occurred to anyone?

    There are quite a few who are actively advocating abolishing the caste system. I have blogged this on my website .
    I would be greatly interested in your views about this as I truly believe that to provide the required social justice it is necessary to get rid of the Chatur Varna system.

    The present system of reservation is a flawed concept as far as social justice is concerned. It clubs two things i.e. social justice and economic justice and everybody fighting against reservations in my view is fighting the wrong battle. What is needed is a channeled effort to abolish the caste system alltogether. Then we can focus on more important things like removing poverty and provide education to all.

    • tim said, on October 7, 2018 at 3:42 pm

      ” I don’t see anyone talking about getting rid of the caste system alltogether. Is this because no one wants to” —
      This is a really old post and i hope someone replies but what exactly is meant by the abolition of ‘caste system’ !!

      ” it is necessary to get rid of the Chatur Varna system.” — Dude, A great majority of jaatis didn’t actually come inside the chatur varna and i am not talking about the SCs. I am talking about Jats,Ahirs,Gujjars etc. Their claims of kshatriya status began when the British started force-fitting (or rather tried to force fit) every group into the four four fold hierarchy. Just because they come under OBC ,it doesn’t mean they were oppressed .Each of these communities have ruled their respective areas(Anyways, some jaatis under ‘brahmin’ varna and ‘kshariya’ varna come as OBC in some State lists.

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