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Terror in Mumbai

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on July 12, 2006

Over 174 killed in a terrorist attack on Mumbai. A gruesome reminder about the kind of people we have to deal with. Let god give the Mumbaikars the strength to get through this.

At the same time, the government must act tough. The perpetrators must be brought to justice. We are not ready for bus services, cricket matches, mughal-e-azam movies in Karachi theatres,  and other candy-ass steps without matching responses against terror from the other side. When people like Dawood and LeT chiefs openly roam about Pakistan, we cannot afford to be complacent. There are a lot of Taliban who are roaming around aimlessly after getting their ass kicked by the USA. Guess who their easiest target is going to be.

I am enraged right now. It may take a while to get back to normal to continue blogging about other issues (which seem silly compared to the magnitude of threat this country is facing in the form of terrorism).


Police are suspecting SIMI and LeT as prime suspects. SIMI (a banned homegrown islamic jehad outfit ) must be checked.

The government must not allow the nexus between SIMI and LET to grow. The government must go after the SIMI regardless of opposition. Check out for their activities.

I hope the government has given the law enforcement agencies enough to detain and question suspects. Since the UPA has repealed POTA , I hope there are sufficient alternatives to detain and question these suspects.

What happens years after these blasts ? 

Does anyone remember the Coimbatore blasts ? 58 people lost their lives in that blast. Fast forward to 2006. Do you know what the first thing the CM of Kerala (Mr Achutanandan of CPI-M) did after he won the recent election ? He flew to Chennai and requested the TN government to take steps to release the prime accused Abdul Nasser Madani He allegedly was the link between local jihadis and the ISI.

See the concern shown by the communist leader for the prime accused in the blasts of 1998.

 “His weight has reduced from 104 [kg] to 54 [kg] and he has many serious diseases. Hence, I brought to the notice of the [Tamil Nadu] Chief Minister the need to enlarge him on bail on humanitarian grounds,” – Mr. Achuthanandan .

A quick realitycheck for the CPI-M leader – he is in jail not in a hotel, people usually lose weight in jail.

Need POTA back now

The logic behind a law such as POTA and the patriot act (of USA) is sound. If you are associated with these terrorist outfits the threshold of evidence and proof will be loaded against you. If you are out on bail – the chances of you committing even more serious crimes are very high (because you will view this as a god given opportunity to inflict more damage before the shit hits the fan).


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  1. Siddharth said, on July 12, 2006 at 6:12 am

    It is atleast heartening to know that the SC recently dismissed a petition to lift the ban on SIMI. However, I dont know what the tribunal is going to decide finally. When the ban expired in 2005, the UPA govt. took 5 months to reinvoke the ban. I am eagerly waiting for the tribunal to make a decision. Does anyone know when this is going to happen?

  2. Sharan Sharma said, on July 12, 2006 at 7:49 am

    >The government must not allow the nexus between SIMI and LET to grow.

    Right, nice suggestion. And if in the process, the govt. is seen to be anti-Muslim, will you go and give them votes?

    (We should instead be spending our time attacking ‘commmunal forces’. But then, the Hindus won’t like it, right? Nah…see, we’ve anyway succeeded in dividing them on caste lines.)

    Make no mistake. It is only brute force that will work with these devils.

    But unlikely that the govt. will do anything. Rest assured RC, till the govt. continues with minorityism, our national security is always going to be compromised.

    Just till 60 years ago we had ONE man who drove out oppresive foreign rule. And now, a billion people watch their lives being destroyed by a government that they elected! What a comedown.

    I am sorry for the initial sarcasm in my response…but like you, i am very agitated…we have become such a weak nation…we just sacrifice lives of our own brothers and sisters under words like ‘peace’, ‘dialogue’ etc. All to meet selfish ends. And we are the ones who elect them!

  3. Sharan Sharma said, on July 12, 2006 at 9:12 am

    and oh..forgot to post links to these two gems…thoughts by an ‘intellectual’ whose writings many of us love reading…

    The links:

    And some quotes:
    1. The government banned SIMI just when it should have bent over backwards to defend pluralist secularism.

    (Of course, he’s referring to the BJP govt.)

    2. Regarding bin Laden as a hero of “the global struggle against America” is detestable. But it is not a crime.

    3. As a country with the world’s second highest population of Muslims, India could have set a marvellous example by building a pluralist-secular political consensus in favour of bringing terrorists to justice without unleashing vengeance and mindless violence.

    (Look how he tries and draws connections between Muslims in general with terrorism. The *******. And then he’ll blame others for doing that.)

    4. The banning of SIMI is the worst signal that the government could have sent out in this climate, which demands a spirited, uncompromising defence of pluralist secularism. The charge-sheet against SIMI is singularly ill-conceived, including accusations such as wanting to establish “an Islamic international order” and promoting the will of Allah. These objectives may be disagreeable, but they are not illegal.

    So who’s the real enemy? The enemy within? i think so.

    And these people (of such thoughts) are in power right now. You have hope? With these people around, i do not.

    And we’ll continue to see lives lost due to terrorism…how does it matter…we have a huge population…for the sake of ‘secularism’ (read vote bank) a few 100 deaths don’t matter.

  4. realitycheck said, on July 12, 2006 at 10:29 am


    Thanks for the Praful Bidwai link.
    These are our intellectuals. Any action is frowned upon and they sit down with their pens to write these columns. The only thing they want to write is how “Mumbai gets back to its feet”.

    The war on terror has nothing to do with Muslims. Most muslims in India will whole heartedly support action against SIMI. These people would like to mislead us by making it a muslim issue.

    Maybe Praful Bidwai must be taken into custody and questioned. Does he know anything about SIMI that we dont ?

  5. Barbarindian said, on July 12, 2006 at 11:38 am

    Another example of journalistic integrity:

    Read some of the comments also.

  6. Xyz said, on July 12, 2006 at 4:45 pm

    the root problem is – the indian identity is getting weakened day by day.everyone is trying to carve out the nation.real and imaginary identities are being invented.there is no national resolve to fight terrorism.

    though it is horrendous to bring in backward politics -karunanidhi,deva gowda,lalu,mulayam,chandrababu naidu,left parties,sonia,manmohan,jaipal reddy,ramadoss,congress ,the ‘intellectuals’, bidwai,n ram et al believe in backward-minorities unity than in indian unity.

    the people who are killed are ordinary indians. on cnn-ibn rajdeep sardesai was congragulating himself on the coverage.shivraj patil was joking during the press briefing.i can’t help wondering whether india has a future.

  7. realitycheck said, on July 13, 2006 at 4:41 am


    Quite strange that the Dcubed guy took offense to the well informed speculation that Al Quada might be involved in the Mumbai blast. You see, he wants “solid evidence”. He even ridiculed B.Raman by putting calling him a “quote-unquote terrorism expert”. We see through all this.

    With terrorists the threshold of evidence is low , very low. The policy of most developed countries is that “hey you better be careful, if shit happens we will get your ass even if you may not have anything to do with it”

    When Kargil happened, I happened to talk to many defence people. All agreed that India must recognize that ultimately the battle against terror can only be won by military force or by the threat of one. Only then will the terrorists calibrate their actions against possible reprisal.

    At the moment, we may not have the effects to make it happen. Our only goal must be to use the interim peace period to build up the military and intelligence agencies to meet this challenge. In the end, it may not even require the actual use of this military force but the mere possibility of one.

    Guess what the terrorists are doing during this interim peace talks ? Guess what the naxalites did during the ceasefire offered by YSR Reddy in AP ?

    So lets deploy more sophisticated anti-infiltration devices in J&K, more patrolling of the Bangla border, more investments in spy and recon technology, major upgrades of army issue equipment. Lets go slow on the agricultural and ocean satellites, what we need is military satellites.

    IN parallel to all this we can talk about how resilient our citizens are (which they are and god bless them) and how they will bounce back. In addition, we need the strongest possible anti-terrorism laws which will give the local policeman enough confidence to apprehend a suspect.

    Like in other countries, touchy-feely people are required, but they should remain on the sidelines and not be allowed to cross the yellow line.

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