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Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on July 13, 2006

What exactly is bouncing back anyway ?

I think bouncing back is just a euphemism. It is a tendency for people to be fatalistic and move on, instead of holding the elected politicians accountable. It is like saying, “Hey thanks for bouncing back, you are great. Thanks for not taking the government to task for its policies. While we are at it, thanks for not “politicising” the incident”. Move on nothing to see here. Cmon, lets go!

Whatever it means, bounce back we did. Now do we just move on as if nothing happened or demand action. The best place is to clean up our house. We cannot think of taking on the enemy on their turf as long as we dont straighten things here. Lets start.

First we must take action against the local poltiicians who shield these terrorists. Consider this gem.

SIMI Side Effect: Mulayam guards suspect outfit

Even before the investigations have started, the chief minister of Indias largest state has come out openly in defence of the very organization we are seeking to apprehend. Do you think any police officer (who is already deprived of tools like POTA) would have the guts to approach SIMI members and apprehend them ?

“There is a ban on SIMI, but that is an order of the Central Government,” Mulayam added.

Realitycheck: Does this mean the SIMI ban order is not respected by your state ?

 Another one:

“There may be some with dubious distinction in SIMI, but it is wrong to dub the whole organisation as terrorist,” senior UP minister and Samajwadi Party general secretary Shivpal Singh Yadav said.

Realitycheck: Mumbaikars, are you listening ? The converse of what this guy is saying is this, “An organization is not a terrorist organization unless *all* its members are terrorists”. Well not everyone in LET is a terrorist either, they have people who recruit (HR) and people who take care of accounts.

Will Mulayam take personal resposibility for SIMIs actions ? If SIMI is found guilty, will he go to jail for supporting it all these years. What if the centre is right and the ban was justified after all ? How do we punish this person ?

The evening when 9-11 happened, George Bush appeared on TV and said he would not make a distinction between terrorists and those who harbor them. In our case, the central government must ask Mulayam to clarify his statements in the clearest possible terms. Will he or wont he co-operate with the centre when it comes to detaining SIMI cadres, yes en masse by the hundreds if required.

Meanwhile, in other terrorist related news, the main accused mastermind of the Coimbatore blasts Abdul Nasser Madhani has thanked TN CM Karunanidhi and Kerala CM Achutanandan for taking personal interest in his health. Apparently a team of ayurvedic doctors were dispatched from Chennai to give him personal ayurvedic treatment in jail. The link is in Tamil

Here is an English link :

Mumbaikars, Do we have the guts to ask Mulayam for an answer ?

Once we start holding these guys accountable – then we would begin “bouncing back”.


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  1. Scribblez said, on July 13, 2006 at 10:25 pm

    Brilliant! I want ot ask tht guy the questions and No I dont want to wait for another tragedy n they the log investigation and then think wht should be to Mulayam and then expect som emore treatment for him at home as there is no way nothing is going to send him to prison. We need a system, a new intelligent system. Wht ever bush has done, he was severly clear on how he is gng to handle terrorism n as everyone says, there has been no terrorist attack in US hence. We need to do tht n if those guys in office r not doing we have to make them do it, but how how how….Protesting wont help, look at reservations…They will hit us n maybe imprison us!
    Excellent piece

  2. Siddharth Ram said, on July 14, 2006 at 12:29 am

    Brilliant point Scribblez….I was thinking of exactly the same thing, i.e. why do such incidents keep occurring in India and not in the US? People might laugh at Bush, criticize him for compromising on civil liberties, but who cares? His main intention was to prevent events like 9/11 from reoccurring and man…has he been succesful? Moreover, on a lighter note, if you are not one of those crazy terrorists, what is there to hide anyway? Even the Democrats tried to and will also take politcal advantage of the spying program in the run up to the ’08 elections, but I am damn sure even they would have done something similar if they were in power in 2001.

    This is how the democratic setup in India differs from the one in the US. With most parties in India, being limited only to a couple of states at the most, they lack a national outlook. Hence, as someone said “All politics is local politics”, these parties base their decisions entirely on their parochial and often short term electoral goals. What they lack is a vision, a national vision.

    I hope the parties become more mature and develop something of a “national CMP” or something. Am I being naive?…Defnitely. Can you ever imagine the SP, RJD, Left sitting with the main national parties and trying to develop a consensus? Noway. I often think that what happens in Bihar, UP and WB will affect our nation more than anything else. I think whatever happens there has the potential to undo all the other good things that are reshaping our nation.

  3. realitycheck said, on July 14, 2006 at 2:24 am


    Western countries are too sophisticated when it comes to political positions.

    There is an invisible “double-yellow line” that even the anti-war protestors wont cross. This interplay is surreal to watch and reflects how mature democracy is in those countries. Neither party in the USA will not go against the recommendations of various security agencies and the pentagon.

    India has 10 departments dealing with terrorism in an uncoordinated way. Many of them (such as the main intelligence agency RAW) do not even report to the home ministry. What we need is a permanent ministry for homeland security (like the US).

    We really need to curtail politicians from speaking out in support of suspect groups. These messages are ruining the morale of our law enforcement and boosting those of the terrorists.

    There can be no bouncing back as long as no changes are made to our internal “terrorism dealing” structures.

  4. realitycheck said, on July 14, 2006 at 2:32 am



    An important point is that of calibration. In the absence of any reprisal, the terrorists have the freedom to plan as big an attack as they can.

    Our single point agenda must be to build up our forces to give us an overwhelming capability to take out terrorist camps.

    However, before we contemplate cross border action, we must first clean our house. The centre must send out strong signals to all political leaders that speaking out openly in favour of terrorist organizations, means these leaders will be held accountable for their present and future actions.

    VIP treatment to terrorist suspects in prison is like a slap on the face of blast victims. If they are enlarged on bail and commit further even more spectacular acts of terror, these politicians must be held accountable.

  5. Barbarindian said, on July 14, 2006 at 4:35 am


    Great analysis as always. A couple of points:

    Contrary to popular opinion, the US may not be a democracy at all, at least not in the sense Indians perceive it to be:

    As a matter of fact, scholars like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and leaders like Colin Powell and Rice are hated by liberals in the US. I think the US has achieved what really should be the correct political setup, i.e. a meritocracy. I am not sure if it is by design or accident.

    Second: I have always wondered about the Indian intellgence agencies. I am of the opinion that it is much better than it is perceived to be. As a matter of fact I think none of the publicized agencies are the real ones.

  6. Swingingover347 said, on July 26, 2006 at 10:19 am

    How true man..I agree with you.

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