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What happens when we actually catch em ?

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on July 15, 2006

Do you remember the ’98 Coimbatore blasts ? Probably not, huh ?

I dont blame you because you’ve probably moved on and everyone has bounced back. There is just one major difference though. Read on. 

You see, unlike in other places, Tamilnadu/Kerala police actually *caught* the entire group who planned and perpetrated the ghastly act. 60 people lost their lives and 250 were severely injured. It was an assassination attempt on LK Advani, it exploded 14 minutes before he came to the stage.

An outstanding operation by the Tamilnadu police

We must recognize the excellent capabilities of our police force. The Coimbatore blasts investigations also started off with the usual platitudes, but the results were quite different. Read below.

Tamilnadu Crime Branch’s Special Investigation Team, named 166 people. Out of them, 145 people are now in judicial custody, eight were killed in subsequent blasts and police operations. Of the total accused, 11 were taken into custody from Kerala, three from Andhra Pradesh, two from Karnataka and one from Calcutta.

The TN police broke the back of Al Umma (a terrorist group that was beginning to form in the Kerala TN border area).

Leaders of the banned Al-Umma, S A Basha, Tajudden and Mohammed Ansari were thrown behind bars

More than that, they even caught the alleged mastermind of the attack Abdul Nasser Madhani. Madhani is the alleged link between these local terrorists and Pakistans ISI. This blast investigation is another feather in the cap of the Tamilnadu police.

Does it get any better than this ?  

I say no. Blast happened ! Eventually almost all the accused were either killed or thrown behind bars. The mastermind too was apprehended and jailed. The entire crew is caught and waiting for justice. But..wait this is where it gets interesting.

Resolution in Gods own country !

Do you know what the Kerala Legislature did on March 15th 2006 ?

It passed a resolution demanding the immediate release of Abdul Nasser Madhani, the prime accussed !! To pass this resolution it convened a special assembly session on Holi. Unbelievable. This resolution was supported by all parties except the BJP which had no presence  ! Amazing considering that the case is still sub judice.

  • What if the courts find him guilty, would the Kerala Legislature roll back the resolution ?
  • What signals has the Kerala legislature sent to potential terrorists ?
  • What signals does this send to the brave police officers who have done such an excellent job ?
  • What if he is released on parole as per their resolution and he carries out even more spectacular attacks ? Will these MLAs take responsibility ?
  • Will the CPI-M and Congress explain to the nation why they moved this resolution ? Where are you Mr Karat ? If this dude does any more damage people might come after your aaa.

Both the communists and congress parties used Madhanis posters to attract Muslim votes, thereby making him a political tool. Links  and and

After winning the elections in May this year, one of the first things Kerala CM Achutanandan did was to fly to Chennai and meet the new TN CM Karunanidhi. He requested the CM to set Madhani on bail, or atleast provide him medical treatment. Two days after the Mumbai blast, the main accused in the Coimbatore blasts thanks the Kerala CM and TN CM for taking personal interest in his health, because of the Ayurvedic treatment given to him by a VIP doctor.

As instructed by the Kerala and Tamil Nadu governments, Islamic terrorist and main accused of Combatore bomb blast Abdul Nasser Madani will get special treatment by well known Ayurvedic specialist Dr. K.G. Ravindran.  

42 years old Dr. Ravindran was earlier treated VVIPs’ like former President K.R. Narayanan, R. Venkettaraman, former Prime Ministers P.V. Narasimha Rao & A.B. Vajpayee. Film actors Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi and singer Yasudas were among treated by Dr. Ravindran

Source :

It gets even worse

Madhanis wife was allowed to visit him in prison and spend several hours with him and other accused. This despite the fact that there is an arrest warrant pending against her. Thanks to Jayalalithaa for making this public. See{803DEE4F-2072-4AB6-9F29-9FF8709969D0}&CATEGORYNAME=CHN

So friends, even if this investigation goes perfectly and we catch the main guys, what do you think the political class is going to do ? Where are our checks and balances when it comes to dealing with this type of behaviour ? Does any elected legislature pass a resolution favouring the main accused in a terrorist attack (while the case is still subjudice) ? Anywhere in the world.

Go ahead think about it.



An article by a former IAS officer ripping apart the Kerala legislature for its actions.

Information about which MLA actually proposed the resolution

Tehelka on how the Communists and Congress are using him to win Muslim votes. Turn on your filters while reading this Tehelka report though !

Top CPI-M leader Hamza (MP) visits prime accused in jail (What did they talk about) Look at what this other politician Siraj is saying.

When asked about Mr Hamza’s visit to Coimbatore Central Jail, Mr Siraj said, “Madani has a personal relationship with the MP”. Hamza is a CPI-M MP in the lok sabha.

WTF ??

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  1. Barbarindian said, on July 16, 2006 at 1:24 am

    This is another blog I discovered, you may have already read it:

    Also, this interesting news:

    As matters stand now, the blasts have strengthened certain parties instead of weakening them.

    Interestingly for the investigation to continue, the police may have to detain a large number of people beyond the legal limits. Without a tool like PoTA this may be illegal. Where are the human rights watch agancies?

  2. Barbarindian said, on July 16, 2006 at 1:27 am

    We don’t have an official name for “freedom-fighting” yet by the way under the new regime.

    It is merely Unlawful Activites.

  3. Sharan Sharma said, on July 16, 2006 at 1:53 am

    >> What if he is released on parole as per their resolution and he carries out even more spectacular attacks ? Will these MLAs take responsibility ?

    No 🙂 Just like they wouldn’t *if* illegal Bangladeshi immigrants, whose deportation the commies have opposed strenuously, were found to have a role to play in the blasts .

    Interestingly, see this:

    Also RC, what makes all these guys especially dangerous are their foreign links.

    Remember the disclosure of Vasili Mitrokhin (ex-KGB) last year, of the KGB funding the commies and infiltrating administration?

    Also recall that Jyoti Basu didn’t entirely deny the disclosure (and the commies called for a ban on the book!)

    What interests me is the sudden rise in the tremendous anti-national and anti-Hindu activities in the south – Kerala and AP especially.

    Organizers of which are the Commies + radical muslims + Dalit-Christian organizations.
    (In the US, i can see these players doing a fine job of generating anti-India statements – especially in universities)

    IMO, the raising of the Sabarimala issue/Meera Jasmine issue in Kerala was not a coincidence. It’s a way to distract attention from what these elements are actually doing.

    I just might be digressing here but to look at the international connection, you might be interested in the following links:


    See the reference to ‘Dalit Freedom Network’ and their ‘education’ of Americans of what’s happenning in India. Gives you an idea of the propaganda that’s going on. As if Pankaj Mishra and A. roy were not enough.

    2) In this link see who’s rubbing shoulders with whom and note the reference to ‘self-determination’ at the end:

    (Sorry for the long link – unfortunately, only a cached copy seems to exist).

    One of the fellows in this, Kolathur Mani has been arrested in the past on charges of sedition and made ‘destroy India’ statements a few weeks back as well.

    The reason i give these links is that one is slowly seeing these groups – commies + rad. islamists etc. working together. And that makes it kinda scary given that the govt. doesn’t seem to want to act. Of course, how will they act? They *are* the problem!

    Finally, you must have seen Abu Azmi’s (Samajwadi party) statement today. It was almost that he wanted riots to take place. I liked his plans of gheraoing Modi and that one statement of his: “if 2 million Muslims come onto the streets it will be very difficult to control them”. What if Modi had made that statement?

    And Azmi is the same guy who the police commissioner some years back said had connections with dawood. The international connection again.

    But hey, at the end of it, let’s not forget it is ultimately only the ‘communal forces’ that are the problem. The rest can go scot-free.

    Right now, RC, the only hope we have is the judiciary. But even there,
    1) The time-to-justice is soooo long…heck, not a single conviction as yet in the 1993 blasts!

    2) …And while they are in jail, this is what we do to them:

    (praise the ‘voluntary organization’ who gave them the TV sets. After all terrorists are ‘humans’ as well.)

  4. Sharan Sharma said, on July 16, 2006 at 1:54 am

    damn, what a long comment that was! Sorry!

  5. realitycheck said, on July 16, 2006 at 4:00 am


    Thanks for the excellent information.

    If there is one thing I hate about discussions in India is the use of the word “politicize”. Every show on TV on every channel uses this as an escape vent to discuss the most serious of problems. Example:

    TV Anchor: Why did the UPA government repeal POTA ?

    Guest: This is not the time to politicize the issue. The attack on Parliament happened during the BJP rule when POTA was in effect. So POTA is worthless.

    Brilliant !!

  6. realitycheck said, on July 16, 2006 at 4:13 am


    Thanks for links to those blogs. I had not heard about them.

    I dont know to what extent the media plays a role in diverting public outrage over the politicians.

    A few days back the supreme court lawyer KTS Tulsi was on a TV channel. He explained the ins and outs of POTA (and TADA). TADA which played a major role in countering the terrorists in Punjab was even more severe than POTA.

    His major points were.

    You cannot treat a terrorist under our existing criminal laws. He said no Indian public will have the guts to testify against terrorists. This combined with the fact that there is no witness protection program in India.

    POTA allows the law enforcement to detain suspects under police custody for a much longer time (Upto 6 months). This means much lower paper load for the police and a major deterrent to potential terror supporters.

  7. Barbarindian said, on July 16, 2006 at 4:35 am

    Most bloggers are mouthing off without knowing the true history. Many seem to have forgotten about TADA. TADA was created to deal with the Punjab issue by Rajiv Gandhi. Ironically this law came in handy prosecuting his killers! P V Narsimha Rao allowed TADA to lapse. Then POTA came and people started acting like it is the end of the world. As if POTA would be used to round up scores of minority youth from the streets! As a matter of fact detention under TADA and POTA stand at 75,000 and 4,000. NO contest.

    UPA supporters claim that existing laws (meaning the toothless 1967 Unlawful Activites act which was reenacted recently) is enough to fight terrorists. Well, the main point about POTA or TADA was not as if there were not existing laws but they allowed cutting through bureaucratic crap. Also, these laws combined several aspects like finance plus operations. They also had provisions for special fast track tribunals. You can imagine with an administration like this if they have to use FERA+Unlawful act+ a number of other acts through a myriad of agencies, how far that will get.

    As a matter of fact I think sans a POTA like law, any widespread investigation like the one that is taking place now may be illegal.

  8. Hariprasad Poojary said, on July 16, 2006 at 8:00 am

    Thanks for the post. Some excellent info there. This needs to get into the mainstream though.


  9. Siddharth said, on July 16, 2006 at 5:52 pm

    What can we expect from “Mullah”yam singh yadav anyway?

  10. barbarindian said, on July 18, 2006 at 6:38 pm

    Media gag going on. At least your blog is spared for now.

  11. barbarindian said, on July 20, 2006 at 6:03 pm

    I barely manage meals with my salary. Since we are cops, we can’t even commit a robbery – Delhi policeman

    Just wondering, with the vastly different living costs, how long will we continue the socialism regime of one salary for all from New Delhi to Timbaktu? Does it occur to anyone that the thou-crores Manmohanji is casually dropping here and there might have gone a long way of improving our security?

  12. […] Here is a typical right wing whine about how Kerala legislature passed a motion asking for humanitarian treatment. He says it is similar to giving spa in jail for terrorists. Well, you can’t expect a right winger to come up with anything better. What Kerala legislature had asked was humanitarian treatment for a old man who is suffering with lots of diseases. This guy is an accused who is in jail awaiting for court’s final judgement. Even though the judgement is not out yet but let us assume, atleast hypothetically, that he is a terrorist. A terrorist definitely deserve a sentence in jail. I have no problems about it. But there is something called behaving like a human being. Even if the person is a terrorist, there is no way one can deny that he is old and he has many diseases. The humanitarian approach is to give him the necessary treatment. Even george Bush’s govt. believes that the terrorists should be given medical treatment in the jails. Under such a scenario, Kerala legislature passed a resolution saying that he should be accorded medical treatment when he is awaiting his sentencing in the courts. What is wrong with this resolution passwd by Kerala Legislature? I don’t see anything wrong. Even the worst terrorist mastermind should be treated in a humane way. Thatz what civilized society will do. If you are in a cannibal like society, then you can treat terrorists in prison in a Saddam Hussainisque way. India is a civilized society which believes strongly in democratic values. In this society, even a terrorist should be treated in a humane way. Thatz how we distinguish ourselves from a terrorist group. But, this nuthead being a right winger, he lacks the ability to understand this. Lemme treat him as someone who is incapable of understanding the civilized society. let us for a moment assume that his argument is correct. In that case, shouldn’t he criticized BJP in the same way for forcing Indian Parliament (remember it is not a state assembly but the parliament itself) to pass a resolution asking Pakistan to release an alleged terrorist who has confessed to killing so many innocent civilians there. Shouldn’t he condemn the BJP for this with more ferocity than what he has done for Congress party and communist pary because they forced it upon the Indian parliament. BJP, thinking that he is a Hindutva person (because Sarabjit Singh’s kins joined BJP for this purpose), disrupted Parliament and forced parliament to voice concern about this guy in Pakistan Jail. It only stopped and kept quiet after it became clear that Sarabjit Singh has converted to Islam. Will this guy condemn BJP with more ferocity than what he has done in his blog about Kerala MLAs? If not, it is just yet another case of right wing hypocrisy in full display. […]

  13. realitycheck said, on August 11, 2006 at 7:54 am


    I think have tried to reason with you in the past – you just run for the hills when confronted with tough questions.

    You repeatedly say he is old, how old is he ?

    What are his diseases ? Do all undertrials get this kind of treatment ?

    THe Kerala assembly did not pass an innocent resolution for his humane treatment, they wanted him out on bail.

  14. Suchindranath Aiyer (@Suchindranath) said, on February 15, 2018 at 6:24 am

    “Justice Aadhi” then of the Karrinayithikka High Court spent 42 Lakhs of our money for Madhani’s medical treatment at a seven star Bangalore Spa frequented by Charles and Camilla. Typical of our shameless, corrupt incompetent appellate Judiciary’

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