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India bans blogs fuelling hatred !

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on July 19, 2006


A dose of Reality Check never harmed anyone, right ? 

The government has not blocked blogs as an anti-terrorist measure. They claim the following

The order banning blog sites was issued on July 13 though it was not officially announced. The Government alleges these blogsites were fuelling hatred and communalism.

However, the Government also clarified its stand saying that they were not trying to censor free speech in the country but that these sites have been under security check much before the terrorist attacks.

Source : IBNLIVE

So who gets to define “hatred” and “communalism” ?  Which other sites are under “security check” ? Should all public writing be in favour of the UPA government ? How is this any different from China ?  Atleast China is honest about it !

I invite the Indian government to ban wordpress too, since it hosts this site. I dont know whether to feel happy or insulted. Are we not uncomfortable enough for the politicians ?

Anyway, being the conspiracy theorist that I am, I cant believe that the government is “ham handed” or “inept”. (Suggested here) Maybe they are just hiding under the cloak of incompetence. I am sure every ISP would have told the government that it is impossible to just ban a single webpage or a single weblog.

How to catch a terrorist blogger

Assume a terrorist cell is using a blogsite called techjihadi. bloger. com. The right approach would be to :

  • Ask all ISPs to submit their DNS logs (search for requests for the banned sites) Make a pattern of where and when these requests originate.
  • Set up a honeypot website which will lure the terrorists to a fake blogsite
  • Once they are on your “honeypot” website, you have many options including installing some cookies on their machine, or luring them to install an infected piece of software
  • Stealth is the key ! The bloggers should have no idea they are being watched

By banning blogspot and typepad, you have injured the investigations to no end. If there were indeed some sites which served as the communications channel, you have RUINED any chance of tracking them down. Now, everyone is tipped off about the ban and your ban is useless.

PS: All the above assumes that the blog-ban is an anti-terrorism measure.  

There is great room to suspect that the real reason is something entirely different. Why would Dalitstan and Hinduunity be banned ? Certainly they have nothing to do with Jihadis.  Could this ban be to muzzle the public voices against the upcoming issues in the next two weeks ?

Whichever way you look at it, this is a shameful day for this country. India is now the laughing stock of the world – and deservedly so.

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  1. Sharan Sharma said, on July 19, 2006 at 6:00 pm

    > Why would dalitstan and Hinduunity be banned ?

    Actually,RC, Dalitstan was, IMO, dangerous site – their contents had anti-national stuff like wanting separate nations…of course, like Barb pointed out in one of his comments on ‘retributions’, it made for comic reading as well :)…and everyone knew, it was just a cover for anti-national missionary organizations…

    BUT, IT WAS BANNED A LONG TIME BACK…and NOT ONLY in India…it’s banned in the US as well!…in fact, the entry in Wiki says their members were arrested…possibly in the US since the site was registered by an American from Texas….

    IMO the govt. selectively included dalitstan in the list just to make a statement that they are not being biased…idiots…

  2. Unknown Indian said, on July 23, 2006 at 6:20 am

    Agree fully with you. This is a classic case of Gaandi-ism – ban anything you don’t agree with. Disagree with anything that does not worship San Sonia! Am sure that most blogs I like will be banned one day. And what a futile act! Its only low IQ twits like the GOI bureaucrats who think they can stop us from reading these blogs. People like Macker’s World are of course wearing this ban as a symbol of pride.

  3. PM said, on September 21, 2006 at 7:23 am

    its a Irony…. but how can they ban a banned site… was not up long before it was banned…
    i pesonally has filed complain in US regarding this site…
    and nearly 20 days before 7/11, i checked the domain again to review my complain status…. and dalitstan was banned by that time….

    that means, indian goverment has banned a site which was already banned…… can anyone answer me…. what the hell they are trying to prove ?

    for me….. i just see a political stunt…. nothing else

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