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Oversight Committee website

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on August 29, 2006

The oversight committee has an official website

Check it out.

The tag line of the committee is “Monitors implementation of reservation in higher educational institutions” and not “Monitors reservation in higher educational institutions”.

The big questions is who is going to bell the cat ?

Who is going to

  • monitor OBC quotas to ensure that the OBC is a homogeneous group ?
  • measure each OBC component  for social and educational backwardness ?
  • whether they can continue to be a member of this group even after its members are well educated ?
  • whether there is an equitable distribution of the quota among member components, among states and regions, among rural / urban ?
  • whether the same criteria are used to select OBC component castes nationwide ?

Just substituting Urban student A with Urban student B from the same school, is not going to promote diversity. It is an outright case of reverse discrimination if you treat two students from a similar background differently. This is a clear cut case of unequal treatment of equals. See a related post by confused here


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