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Creamy layer and headcount

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on September 14, 2006

The media glossed over some key news this past week.

SC Notice to TN Government seeking exclusion of creamy layer

“It is necessary to state that Tamil Nadu by not identifying the creamy layer for more than one decade literally affected the reservation of the needy lower strata of the society,” the PIL said.The NGO in its PIL referred to a petition in which the state government’s legislation providing 69 per cent reservation has been challenged and is pending before a Constitution Bench.

Once benefits are given it is very hard to take them away. This is why the initial selection of candidates for the group called “OBCs” must be thorough and reviewed scientifically. Even then, OBCs in Kerala (Ezhavas, Muslims) and OBCs in KA (Vokkaligas, Lingayats) enjoyed quota for creamy layers too prior to 1990. They gave up their benefits to comply with the Mandal Commission.

The creamy layer issue shakes the very foundation of Dravidian parties. That is why this issue is so emotive in that state. Once large chunks of influential people (creamy layer) no longer get special treatment – they cease to get tangible benefits from associating with these dravidian parties.


In other news:

Arjun Singh orders headcount of OBCs in primary schools

“As a part of NIEPA’s district information system for education, we have been asked to collect data on Other Backward Classes, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes enrolment for the first time in the 10 years of this exercise,” a senior NIEPA official told The Indian Express.

This is actually good news. However, it must be done scientifically.

  • Data must be collected in all schools – even elite boarding schools.
  • Just collecting data for an umbrella group called “OBC” is useless. The exact caste must be captured.

The most important data is conveniently left out – even though it is much easier to collect.

  • Why not collect OBC headcount in colleges ?  It is really easy, just look at received applications which have caste certificates attached. Isnt this the burning issue now ?

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  1. Ramanan said, on September 14, 2006 at 2:03 pm

    DK leader K. Veeramani has said in his paper ‘Viduthalai’ that they will oppose this exclusion of the creamy layer vehemently. No particular reason was given for why he is opposing it. It is becoming very clear who the Dravidian parties stood for all along — rich OBCs.

  2. cy said, on September 15, 2006 at 3:19 am

    //The creamy layer issue shakes the very foundation of Dravidian parties//

    …frigging bullshit…don’t blabber..

  3. Mariappan said, on September 24, 2006 at 5:12 am

    Actually Reality check is right- I am a dalit and was initially attracted towards dravidian politics anti brahminism etc- but in acouple of years i realized that the dravidian parties are not really interetsted in equality- only in promoting the hegemony of certain castes which come under “backward classes” and not promoting real welfare. And dalits are the worst affected in Tamil nadu because of these parties. The dominant castes (especially Thevars of AIADMK, vanniars of PMK and certain other catses affliated to DMK) routinely suppress dalits.

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