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Naxalites can claim their own bounty !

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on September 23, 2006

In a brilliant move, the government is turning the definition of the word ‘bounty’ on its head.

Naxalite can take home reward on his head: Chhattisgarh’s new plan 

The state government is formulating a unique policy of incentives—the Naxalite can take home the reward on his head when he surrenders. That’s not all: he’ll also get a handsome amount for the arms he brings along. 

Has anyone heard of this type of arrangement anywhere in the world ? So who is going to deliver justice to the 32 Salwa Judum (peace march) refugees who were picked up from near an army camp and massacred with sharp weapons ? What message is being sent to tough cops like Swaranjit Sen who has been pushing them ? What about the cops who gave their lives fighting these killers ?

The media does not care about this issue. I challenge them to do atleast a 10 min story on this. Oops, I forgot they cant even get their reporting and camera crew to the scene in the very heartland of India. Does anyone remember how Venkiah Naidus chopper was blown up by Maoists in Bihar ?

Realitycheck time : The unexplored, undeveloped, and beautiful forests of Bastar are in the governments control only on paper.

Back to the story.

A light machine gun is likely to fetch Rs 3 lakh, while an AK-47 can be exchanged for Rs 2 lakh and an SLR will get an additional Rs 1 lakh. The weapons looted from police like 303 will fetch Rs 50,000.

Is this the market price ? I really doubt it. Is the stolen 303 really worth 50K ? I am digressing – how can you reward anyone for stolen weapons ?

The CPI(Maoist) bigshots carry huge rewards on their heads. While its chief Ganapati carries a reward of Rs 12 lakh, central committee members Kishan, Hargopal, Rajesh and Rajkishan carry Rs 10 lakh each.

So, the more notorious you are the more you take home. So the only fault of low ranking naxalites is that they are not ruthless enough. The message being sent is that the bounty amount indicates how rich you are going to be when you surrender !

Is George Bush listening ? He should just offer Osama the $20 million bounty so he can come overground and settle down in the Florida Keys to a life of luxury. He should also throw in a couple of blondes in order to entice him out of his rat hole.

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  1. Barbarindian said, on September 25, 2006 at 1:24 am

    This is a classic moral hazard situation. I don’t think this will work at all. We all know why the naxal movement has resurfaced. This time around they do not even have the popular support yet many of them enjoy the impunity provided by leftist and communist parties who in turn enjoy the leverage they have on the center. It’s a mess.

  2. […] that there need not be a non-violent solution to every violent problem.  Policies like “Naxals can claim their own bounty” will not help. The earlier attack on the Salwa Judum camp must have led to the policemen […]

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