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KPS Gill – on Naxalites

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on September 27, 2006

KPS Gill is the new security advisor to the Chattisgarh government. One would hope that the AP (specifically) and the Orissa government would work with him.


Some interesting quotes,

Gill also ruled out a political solution to the Naxal problem, saying the popular sentiment against Leftist insurgents had been seen in the growing Salva Judum movement, in which civilians have formed armed groups to guard against Naxal attacks.

The attack on the Salwa Judum camp is a big mistake on the part of the Naxals, the popular sentiment is rising against them. The state must capitalize and put an end to this movement and resettle those affected.

Then he slammed politicians for trying to talk peace with terrorists, who had blood on their hands.“It has become fashionable among many states to let innocent citizens die and show their magnanimity by talking to their assassins and killers, whether it is in Assam and Kashmir at the moment.”

Never have any talks or what is called a ‘political process’ led to a resolution of any insurgency in India, except when the terrorist or insurgent forces have already been military defeated or overwhelmed.

We need to engrave these words in stone and send it to our politicians. The key is to negotiate from a position of strength – when the terrorists are almost defeated. Are we in that position in Assam or Kashmir ? If at all we have talks with Pakistan it must be to bide time so we can acquire the resources to work our way into a position of strength.

“If measures that are required to be taken are taken in right earnest across the country, it should not take more than four to five years to completely root out this problem.” Unfortunately, general elections are expected within the next two years, and all political parties are gripped by a frenzy of wheeling-dealing.”

I think he says it all. Politicians deal with the UFLA and CPI Maoist for narrow political gains. They must be made answerable for their actions. How about this idea ? No state government must have the liberty to declare ceasefire unless they get approval from the Home Ministry. That is not all – the government *MUST* accomodate Naxalites and their sympathisers in the current social justice platforms.

  1. A 10% subquota (within the 27%) must be immediately announced for backward classes from the naxalite affected districts.  
  2. A 4% subquota (within the 8%) for STs from the hill tracts of Bastar/Telengana/AP-Orissa borders. They cant compete with STs from the Northeast or children/grandchildren of ST IAS officers)
  3. A 5% subquota (within the 15%) for SCs from the naxalite affected districts. They simply cant compete with powerful SCs like Mahars.
  4. The rich and privileged landlord OBC communities must make room to accomodate the really needy.

If we cant do this, we can never suppress movements like Naxalism – even with superstar cops like KPS Gill. It would just mean our primary social justice platform is broken and unable to address the grievances of the really needy.

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