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Moily Committee report and other stats

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on October 16, 2006

A lot is happening on the OBC quota front.

The Moily Committee report is out. It is available at the Oversight Committee website at (125 Pages)

I am still in the process of reading it.  I think Mr Moily has done a good job. I really applaud him for taking a bold view on the creamy layer issue and including the Appendix in the report. Please read the Appendix. There are some facts about the regional distribution of OBCs in it.

One key statistic that we would like to see is the regional variation of OBCs. How “OBC Heavy” or “SC Heavy” or “ST Heavy” is a particular state ?

To get this statistic  we need.

  1. Population data of each state. This is readily available on the census website This link contains total population of each state as well as the rural / urban divide in each state.
  2. OBC/SC/ST/Other breakup of each state. This is available for SC/ST in the 2001 census, but not available for OBCs after 1931. We cant use 1931 numbers anyway because the OBC list may not have been the same and/or the geographical boundaries of states were different. This apart from the fact that Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma were considered part of India.  The best non-census source is the NSSO survey done in 1999-2000. This contains SC/ST/OBC/FC breakup for the major states. This is available here Download the file named 87th  Issue of Sarvekshana towards the bottom of the page. You have to register on this website firsit. This survey contains a breakup of SC/ST/OBC/Others for each one of the major states into rural and urban tables.
  3. Squish these two reports (the census and NSSO) together and you can obtain the “loading” factor of different states.

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  1. Barbarindian said, on October 25, 2006 at 7:36 pm


    What about the BPL census? Just read about it in TOI. I am sure you have already read about it.

    I don’t see how surveys based on geographic distribution can be used to determine backwardedness. I see only two solutions that can yield any semblance of fairness:

    a) Assuming representation is a goal, we need to count each caste/community over the entire geographic region of India and see its representation in education and jobs. If its participation rate is below national average – backward.

    b) Assuming social justice is a goal, do the same exercise but compare the poverty rates against national averages.

  2. realitycheck said, on October 26, 2006 at 5:36 am


    The regional variation is very important because in the absence of individual caste figures, it can point to anomalies in the classification of states.

    Check the link called “Data Sheet” on this blog and scroll down. I have mixed the results from the NSSO round and the 2001 census to arrive at OBCs in different states.

    How on earth can anyone square TN with 65% OBC with West Bengal with only 6% OBC ? Are the forward castes in TN so powerful and ruthless that backwardness is so rampant in that state ? Commonsense tells us that is not the case, the forward caste in TN is insignificant in all walks of life – agricultural, political , economic, and social.

    Assuming we go ahead with the 18000 crore plan, wont TN + southern states+MH eat away all the OBC benefits. This is because these TN + 4states constitute 88% of OBCs in the top 2 income deciles (see Moily report Appendix-1).

    This is a caste based bonanza for the most advanced states in India – at the expense of other states which contribute equally to the 18000 crores.

    Major questions are unanswered because you can only swim so far upstream without the truth (data).

  3. Barbarindian said, on October 28, 2006 at 6:47 pm

    Didn’t get the meanings of the columns of the Data Sheet. Assuming the last two columns mean % of urban and rulal population that are OBCs, the figures seem rather low.

  4. realitycheck said, on October 29, 2006 at 4:32 am

    The last two columns are % OBC and % FC in each state.

    So, out of 100 Bengalis only 6.59 are OBC – but out of 100 Tamilians 65.3 are OBC.

    Out of 100 Maharashtrians 50.6 are forward caste – out of 100 Tamilians only 10 are forward caste.

    The OBC and FC loading factor is supposed to capture this disparity (last 3,4 columns). If a state has 6% of Indias population, but 12% of Indias OBCs – then the OBC loading factor for that state is 2.

    Ultimately, I want to create a cartogram with this data.

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