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Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on November 16, 2006

The quota snowball is growing and is gathering speed. Many newspapers have given up coverage altogether (TOI for example is headlining that Mallika Sherawat has got a 2 cr contract to be a TV show judge). Most opinion makers, have said whatever they had to say in May itself.  They just want to know what contest can possibly offer 2 crore for Ms Sherawat to judge! Dont worry, Reality Check India will be on top until the endgame (which isnt going to be pretty).

We will consider “Legal Options”


Commerce Minister Kamal Nath is ready to consider legal options to impose quotas in the private sector after top business leaders told a government panel on Wednesday that they don’t want reservations .

Reality Check to Kamal Nath :  Small problem Mr Nath. You do not have any legal options whatsoever at the moment. This requires a fundamental constitutional amendment. If you can get such an amendment past the supreme court, then you have a legal option.  Not now.

Breaking News  : Minister for Minorities Affairs Mr A.R. Antulay has opened a new can of worms. Quotas for minorities and OBCs. Actually, this is not a new can of worms, everyone knew this “can of worms” existed. He just popped it prematurely ( no pun intended ).

AR Antulay suggested setting up a commission on the lines of UPSC to provide jobs for minorities, SC, ST, and OBCs.  Reported in print media, this link may or may not work.

Reality Check to Industry Leaders  (esp IT czars) : Please come clean with the government. Dont wheel deal with this issue for petty things like tax holidays or land deals. Remember quotas in hiring without quotas in promotion are worthless. Quotas are at all levels, not merely at entry level positions.

Thankfully we have old world industry leaders like JJ Irani, Seshasayee (Leyland), and Godrej. They are men of integrity and I think they wont compromise.


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  1. Reason said, on November 16, 2006 at 10:11 am

    see who is trying to encash a out of date quota check – it is congress politicians like arjun singh, a.r.antulay, meira kumar, kamal nath. How many elections have they won on their own strength? Look at Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Do mayawati or mulayam or laloo or nitish even join in this talk? Even deve gowda was reported in local indian express of supporting exclusion of creamy layer.
    The entire blame for letting meira kumar and antulay run amock lies with our gentleman, economist, ‘honest’, without-a-spine, prime-minister.

  2. Shivasubramanian A said, on December 22, 2008 at 9:20 am


    >>Remember quotas in hiring without quotas in promotion are worthless.

    Why? I don’t understand this point. Can you explain?

  3. rc said, on December 22, 2008 at 10:13 am

    The assumption behind the entire system is that there is discrimination. Does it go away after getting an entry level job ?

    So if we accept the premise, we also have to accept that without promotions quota, the beneficiaries will be permanently discriminated against. In due course, all quota beneficiaries will be found in the entry level jobs.

    Of course, this assumes that the beneficiaries are correctly identified. If that is not the case, then all bets are off because the beneficiaries are just as capable as the non-beneficiaries. They squeeze out both unreserved jobs and jobs for those who are really discriminated against. The scheme just becomes a reverse discrimination system like in Tamilnadu.

    It is all in the detail.

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