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2006 – When our interests were narrowed

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on January 2, 2007

Future generations will look at the year 2006 as a turning point in the history of India.  The OBC reservation policy, as Nani Palkhiwala points out, is the “paramount constitutional issue” today. Everything else, whether it is the economy or foreign policy or taxation, comes later.  This was the year the interests of Indians were narrowed even further on the basis of caste.

Two bit politicians talked freely about amending the constitution as if it were just a procedural formality. The poor and really depressed were the target of bait-and-switch tactics by politicians and left wingers of all hues. They were used as poster-boys for creating policies that really had no impact on them. The “demo version” showed poor and oppressed people, but the actual law showed creamy layers.

The most important takeway from 2006 was the absolute disregard for social data while framing policies. Top rung ministers pooh-poohed even the basic requirement for a community to establish backwardness in a scientific way. When data came out of unexpected sources, the anomalies were striking. These anomalies would be sufficient to start a revolution in any other country, but we Indians are patient.

On that note, Happy New Year !!

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  1. Reason said, on January 3, 2007 at 10:44 am

    “Padichavan soodhum paavamum panninaal Povaan Povaan Iyo-venru povaan” – Bharathiar.

  2. Brahman said, on January 4, 2007 at 3:14 am

    I recently came across a post on in the Private section, where a poor Brahmin girl whose father has expired lives in Chennai with her mother on just 2800Rupees/month as pension, and is seeking 10,000 rupees to complete her BSc. She scored high marks in the Board exams, but could not get a Govt medical seat because of TN’s quota policy. If she had been an OBC or SC/ST, she would have been given a seat and also a scholarship even if they scored lower than her, and made far more money than her family income of 36,000 Rupees per year!

    Of course the children of the Marans and others who are rolling in their crores of ill-gotten wealth will get priority over her in this perverse TN system, which they plan to extend all over India also. If this is not persecution, I do not know what is. And to top it all, our beloved Manmohan singh says that “Brain Drain” must be reversed and standards of research at engineering institutions must be improved, and overseas Indians must be encouraged to return! Check the following link if you don’t believe me:

    Well, he made a great start by ensuring that admission standards are lowered in the best engineering institutions, and overcrowding those institutes with an additional 54% intake in students in less than 3 years. To that I say, “Brain Drain” is better than “Brain in the Drain”. If he is so concerned with “Brain Drain”, maybe he should first invite his children, like his daughter Amrita Singh who is settled in New York as a lawyer, back to India.

    Given the alarming frequency with which the Indian Constitution is being amended (100 amendments in 50 years), India is rapidly turning into a banana republic. Very few countries share the dubious distinction of having their constitution amended every six months. One would think with all the so-called upliftment of the backward classes over the last 80 years (particulary in TN), they would have been uplifted all the way into geosynchronous orbit by now! Instead the number of backward classes is actually increasing every decade. Of course in TN this is happening because the Brahmans are the targets of all the politicians, but this TN model will not work in the rest of India.

  3. rc said, on January 4, 2007 at 5:36 am

    There are two options.

    1. Square TN with the rest of India. This means redrawing the OBC lists to exclude forward castes and excluding the creamy layer. This means the forward caste pop must come up to around 30% from the current 4.6%.

    2. Square the rest of India with TN. This means including the creamy layer and frame policies intended to check a particular community. You can already see the Rajputs seeking OBC status.

    It seems the government has decided to go with option 2, without taking into consideration the OBC lists of all other states.

  4. Mahesh said, on January 18, 2007 at 5:49 pm

    I’ve been to TN.

    Let me say honestly ,of the various places that I’ve been,i find that if there is a hell on earth for Brahmins ,then it is TN.! and TN alone.Brahmins are ridiculed and are humiliated in all possible ways there. Many Brahm. purposely speak non-brahmin way of tamil and tyr their very best to shed their identity as brahmins.The Dravidian politicos has been trying in all ways to tarnish their image.The Dravidian politicos also make use of the cine-media,which is the backyard of TN politics and serving as the megaphones for them, to portray Brahmins in the worst possibly way.

    In short one cd infere that the TN brand of reservation has nothing to do with social justice,but always targeted against a particular caste,which form less than 3% of the entire pop.

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