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Parliamentary Committee Report

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on January 5, 2007


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You can now read the parliamentary committee reports directly at the PRS India website. They are available here

So, I checked out the Parliamentary Committee Report on OBC quotas presented to the HRD Ministry. The report is available at

I read the entire report, what was striking was

  • the open acknowledgement of lack of data
  • the full knowledge of the regional imbalances (especially TN)
  • the knowledge that creamy layers will deprive the really needy
  • the knowledge that no OBC caste has been excluded
  • the knowledge the muslims in the north/east were being shortchanged
  • the fact that 22.4% of the countrys urban OBCs live in TN
  • the unfulfilled demands for caste census (not just the omnibus OBC group as some dravidians want, but individual castes) by state governments

The clincher

The Committee was also given to understand that there had been a long pending and consistent demand from some State Governments/ State Backward Class Commissions for undertaking a comprehensive census survey of Backward Classes. It was emphasized that if this task was not accomplished, such affirmative action as extending reservations would not have legitimate and just basis.

Source Para 25 of the Report 186 here

What does this mean ? This task (caste census) has not been accomplished at this time, does this mean the committee is accepting that “such affirmative action” does not have a legitimate and just basis.

By not excluding the creamy layer, the politicians have to answer to the poor families who are still laying tar. Are these policies not for them ?

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  1. Brahman said, on January 7, 2007 at 4:52 pm

    In the report, the argument against excluding the affluent layer among the OBCs is that there should be no economic discrimination against the OBCs, just like the affluent layer of FCs is not excluded from admissions. I am not sure if the IQs of the politicians is even close to a 100, or would they ever be able to clear 400 on the GRE analytical exam.

    There is no economic or caste discrimination of the OBCs in admissions to IITs or IIMs currently. The stated reason reservations are being imposed for OBCs is because of the desire to “uplift” the OBCs. Because of this, there is already discrimination along both caste and economic lines against FCs and SC/ST students in this quota. Now if only “uplifted” OBCs are going to occupy these seats after discriminating against both FCs and SC/ST students, then the bill is fatally flawed.

    If the real goal is to have proportionate representation of all castes in central institutions, then this is an awfully convoluted way of going about it. It should be stated so clearly. At least if this becomes clear then every group can focus on increasing their population share since the metrics have been clearly laid out. Also the politicians should close down the family planning centers and return the money to the UN, World Bank and other donor organizations.

  2. rc said, on January 7, 2007 at 5:52 pm


    I do not know how to overstate the importance of this bill to the future of this country. When this case is heard and ruled on, it will have a monumental impact more than Keshavananda Barathi and Indira Sawhney I and II.

    It is illegal under this constitution to ask for proportional representation without requirements of backwardness. Even before the First Lok Sabha convened, the Dravidians pushed through the 1st Amendment to work around this to save their communal GO.

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