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ULFA – Terrorism Vs Execution

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on January 9, 2007


When is the leftist UPA government led by the Congress  going to realize that there need not be an amicable settlement to everything.  First, we should overwhelm terrorism with violence, then we should heal with talks and finally find amicable ways for reformed terrorists to rejoin society.  If there is another option, the world would like to know !

I used to travel quite a bit on the GT Express to Delhi back in the 90’s. My favorite pastime was to engage in conversations with army (BSF)  jawans coming for their annual vacation from the frontlines. We talked about many things such as arms, living conditions, the kinds of rum they used to beat the cold, the terrorist tactics, etc over card games.

A remarkable thing they said comes to mind now. They insisted that the most barbaric act of terrorism is not mindless bomb blasts in buses, or indiscriminate firing in crowded places or lobbying grenades into crowds. They said the most heinous act was separation and execution even of just a few.  ULFA did exactly that in the past two days.  Over 60 people were killed in this manner.  There is no collateral damage because they execute only non-assamese.

The psychological effects of selection-execution are horrifying. I guess the way it might have worked is : (simulation of 16 executions in Tinsukia)

  • Just before dawn a group of people knock on the doors of huts of brick kiln workers from the miserable state of Bihar
  • Everyone is asked to come out in a formation
  • Some kind of “test” is administered to ascertain the identity of the individuals. Could it be a question asked in Assamese ? In J&K ascertaining hindu-ness was easy by asking the individuals to expose their penis.
  • Those who pass the test are asked to step aside and those who fail are asked to form another group.
  • The group which failed the test are executed one by one, in full view of the others

Can you imagine the horror ? Just a headline like “ULFA kills 60 in Assam” does not capture the heinousness of this act.

My heart goes out to the Biharis, a blighted state, and wretched people. The person responsible for their plight, having ruled them for 15 years is being felicitated for his “managerial skill” by the IIM-A (the #1 management school).  Over 15 years of dramatic growth even in neighboring states like Orissa was completely missed by Bihar. The pompous IIM-A staff who organized the felicitation deserve condemnation.

As far as ULFA is concerned, there are allegations that the Congress took their help during the elections. If the NDA comes back to power it *must* investigate this matter thoroughly. All Congress party members even if they have had minor “back scratching” arrangements with ULFA needs to be prosecuted severely. This should not be viewed as a case of political vendetta by the public.

Finally, this is not a time to call for peace talks (We are still open to talks – Govt). This sounds like a cry for mercy. It will have a demoralizing effect on our military. Our brave soldiers should not have to put their life at risk when the government wants to carry out talks in parallel. Simply does not work that way.

As an American general said on CNN recently about the Iraq insurgency, “We must make sure the state has a monopoly on the use of force“. Nations are built on those words.


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  1. Barbarindian said, on January 9, 2007 at 4:11 pm

    Great post.

    But one must understand why the ULFA is pissed. No attempt was made to develop the state. Post-independence only those states were nurtured who made the greatest noise and who were politically important. These guys were left in the lurch. We gave them an IIT, too little too late.

    About Laloo, unless railways financials are made available in standard accounting form, nothing can be said conclusively. This is of course assuming that he did really have anything to do with the reforms at all. Nitish Kumar claims he initiated the changes.

    The reforms at railways and other government agencies happened because of a fundamental change. Govt. employees as a whole do not have the political leverage anymore. Thus they are getting their acts together. I see this as a direct benefit of privatization where a far larger portion is employed in organized private sector. The socialists see this as a victory of the government.

  2. rc said, on January 9, 2007 at 6:13 pm


    Even if they get an IIT, only 17 out of 100 Assamese can access the OBC quota which just cost the country 19K Crores. Contrast with 74 out of 100 Tamils. Include the creamy layers, and the OBCs in Assam, who are probably really backward have no chance. The 19K crores comes from the central kitty to which Assam has also contributed equally. Even worse, what about the Muslims of Bengal and Assam. From what I have read they are wretchedly backward. Yet, they are classified as forward whereas the gulf millionaire Mapillah muslims of Kerala are OBC. This is the dangerous imbalance I was talking about.

    Back to ULFA, no matter what their grievance – they must be quelled. Assam is the vital strategic link to the northeast. If assam is allowed to fester, the other NE states will fall like dominos.

    If Lalu was such a management whiz, why did Bihar turn into a gray land of darkness and misery ? If educated IIM-A staff can honor him like that, isnt it a slap on the collective faces of Biharis ?

    For Assam social data :

  3. Barbarindian said, on January 10, 2007 at 2:03 am

    The 19K crores comes from the central kitty to which Assam has also contributed equally.

    Are you sure all the states contribute equally to the central kitty? This columnist claims otherwise.
    Why should I?

    Of course one could argue that initially when all the states were the same, more attention was given to some which developed more.

    In any case, it would be great to have some stats of Government revenue and distribution.

  4. rc said, on January 10, 2007 at 4:19 am

    >> Are you sure all the states contribute equally to the central kitty? This columnist claims otherwise. >>

    IT, Corp Tax, Service Tax,CST (Central Sales Tax), and Central Excise are the same for all states. In absolute terms, a more industrialized state will obviously contribute more.

    After stuff reaches the central kitty, there is a “formula” for a transfer to states for a chunk of the central kitty. There is also a “formula” for transfering from the central kitty to the “local bodies (panchayats, muncipalities) directly. I think either the Finance commission or the Planning commission comes up with this “formula”.

    Assam (by that I mean Assamese people and companies) pay their dues to the central kitty. There are no special “deals” for any state. I do not know if Assam has got a raw deal (ie under allocation) under the formula.

    Today, the states make money solely via indirect taxes such as Petrol surcharge, Stamp duty, and Sales Tax. Some states like TN, rely heavily on alchohol retailing or lottery tickets for their survival (believe it or not!)

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  6. agentjohnny said, on July 20, 2015 at 3:26 pm

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