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Next up – faculty

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on June 26, 2007

Hey Prof Atelite Institute , nice research paper but what is your caste ?

Will our best institutes hear words like the above in the years to come ?

Pratap Bhanu Mehta had already warned in March that the OBC quotas will soon be imposed in all faculty positions at central institutes. Yes, that includes IITs, IIMs, AIIMS, and IIScs. See here for RC coverage “Open Category Faculty

The government today has issued a directive asking all central institutes to implement the 27% quota for OBCs in faculty positions. Click here for the actual directive.

New Delhi, June 25: The 27 per cent quota for Other Backward Classes has been extended to lecturer posts in universities run by the Centre.

The human resource development ministry has asked all central universities and deemed universities to implement the quota for OBCs on the basis of a declaration of intent made after the Mandal commission flare-up.

The Backward Classes Commission, through which the central recommendation must pass, has also given its stamp of approval.

“The government is using the fact that it doesn’t need to go through the legislation route to implement job quotas to bring reservations for lecturers silently,” said Nisha Tomar, the Delhi University co-ordinator for the anti-quota group, Youth For Equality.

Source : The Telegraph

All teachers and students, look around your department for the presence of upper castes. Whether they are rich or poor, meritorious or practise nepotism, whether pro-reservation or anti-reservation, whether they are socialists or capitalists or communal-casteists, whether they want data or life-stories, nothing matters.

They are merely next.

You many want to sign this online petition.

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  1. shadows said, on June 26, 2007 at 6:55 am

    Do online petitions work ? I have yet to see a single case that worked in India via online petition …

    I need an OBC certificate, where can I get one ?

  2. Revathi said, on June 26, 2007 at 9:24 am

    As it is, we complain that the best brains dont become teachers. On top of it, if we are going to filter on the basis of caste, we will soon end up with our teachers being the same quality as our politicians.
    I am not sure however, whether it will make such a lot of difference in real life since teacher appointments in universities have often been based on non-merit considerations. We all know the example of Prof. Hargobind Khorana who was refused a faculty position in Delhi Univ and went abroad to win the nobel prize. Anyhow, this has been the main basis of argument of the pro reservation camp in that if merit is not the only consideration , for selection today, what difference would it make it if caste based quotas were also introduced?

  3. Observer said, on June 27, 2007 at 2:39 am

    I guess we will not be seeing a Baduga OBC Professor soon at these institutions. So it looks like competitive backwardness is now in action once again. Please refer to the following article, where in the land of “true social justice”, horror of horrors, there are OBCs who are not happy with their lot! How can this wonderful TN reservation system have any detractors? I tell you, it’s those evil Brahmans I say. Fie unto them, scoundrels. Wait, what is this I hear, these unhappy lot are not Brahmans? Badugas you say, and they want to shift from MBC to ST? Are you sure this is not a Brahman conspiracy? It *must* be, it has to be, how can this happen in the great “social justice” land of TN, land of milk and honey for “oppressed people”, the number one state in India in AIDS, er.. I mean aid to “oppressed people” who occupy all 100% of cabinet seats because of the terrible “oppression”?


    Badugas demand ST status
    Search for More News

    Chennai, June 20: Baduga community today demanded Scheduled Tribe status and a separate Parliamentary constituency in Nilgiris district for them.

    R Ayyary Gowder, the leader of the community’s panchayat in four zones of Nilgiris, told reporters here that 3,50,000 Badugas were living in the district and they had no progress in economy and education since they were placed in the Backward Classes list.

    The community was a separate tribe living in the hills for many centuries and the government should recognise this fact and accord them ST status, he said.

    They had already applied to the delimitation commission to create a separate constituency, he said and asked the government to allocate funds to implement welfare schemes for them.

    He said their livelihood has been affected due to inadequate procurement prices for green tea and demanded that the price should be increased to Rs 15 per kg from the present Rs five. (Our Correspondent)

  4. xyz said, on June 29, 2007 at 3:54 pm

    Badugas have no chance.They are a linguistic minority in TN,having migrated from mysore 400 years back.

  5. Rahul Assman said, on July 3, 2007 at 2:41 pm

    I think making the process further transparent might help, because it has been observed time and again that the new faculty recruits are generally and most often Brahmans.
    Then again there might be lingual discrimination, something that the tamils have patented, overall it does not seem so transparent and clear after all.
    So the transparency of the process should definately be increased, but this reservation policy will do no one any good.
    I would gladly donate my alumni money as an IITM alumni to some trust or some temple where it shall not be tainted by such policies.
    But seriously, we should put an end to this.

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