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One leg on the slippery slope

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on July 24, 2007

It seems the quota chicken game is in on, plunging headlong into a wholly avoidable and decisive face off. Will the judiciary or the political class come out of it unscathed ? Are we going to heed reason or probe the depths of contempt laws ? These structures are purely man made and are remarkably easy to disrespect and trash by suitable acts of brazenness. Just ask our neighbour Pakistan. Can our media handle it ? Do they have the maturity to look beyond petty intrigue and snide comments ?

1. CNN-IBN does a story on manual scavengers. They take care to avoid asking the blindingly obvious question. How is our primary social justice platform, the SC quota, performing with respect to this group ? Is this group, numbering 13 lakh (1.3 Million) getting any of their kids into professional education, journalism, government jobs at all ? Arent they the raison-d-etre for the entire quota system ?

2. The Chairman of the National Commission for SCs Buta Singh says that Christian and Muslim Dalits must have the same rights as the Hindu SCs. They also want the SC quota to be hiked to accomodate the new entrants (which number in the millions). The legal complications arising from this are going to be mind boggling. To start off you have to address the oppressions of hundreds of years of Muslim rule (Moghul, Bahmani, Golconda, nizams, nawabs). Second, Dalit Muslims/ Christian SCs will have a double advantage , they have exclusive access to Christian institutes like St Stephens, Loyola – and – access to the SC quota in all other institutes. So, this is not a case of “same rights” but a case of “more rights”. Third, the 50% ceiling – under which these adjustments cannot be made.

3. The AP Government passes the Muslim reservation bill granting 4% in employment and education.

4. Muslim leaders welcome Catholic quota. DNA reported on Thursday that the Catholic Bishops Conference of India has prepared a document titled ‘All Indian Catholic Education Policy 2007’ aimed at increasing the number of seats for Christian students, Dalits and tribals in the 25,000 schools and 400 colleges it runs across the country.

The hapless parents belonging to other communities are barking up the completely wrong tree of “merit”.

In Mumbai, the church’s announcement evoked sharp reactions from agitated parents. “The reservation policy has diluted the standard of education in such institutes.

Thus the implementation of this quota in schools will further hamper the quality of education at the school level,” said Mahesh Shah whose son studies in one of the convent schools — Victoria High School at Mahim.

Source : DNA

The issue dear is not one of merit, which is itself a completely relative term. This blog would like to inform Mr Mahhes Shah that even if the bishops decide to exclude all Shahs or left handed kids or fat kids from these schools, it would still not affect merit. Would it ?

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  1. reason said, on July 26, 2007 at 2:24 pm

    i’ve been away for a while, but intend to return.

    we will all be screwed. and the country fucked up. if you are tracking economic news from the sensex, time to get familiar with argentina – we will get an economic scene like argentina and top it up with stuff argentina did not have – jihadi terrorism and maoist terrorism.

    and that will be that.

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