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OBC Quota : Petitioners complete arguments

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on September 20, 2007

Update : Government’s position is also along expected lines. That the OBC count is certainly greater than 27% and that no one has approached the NCBC for removal of castes from the list.

The central question remains unanswered : For each caste in the OBC list, is there data available about its current condition ? 


The “magic wand” of Indian political forces is being challenged in the Supreme Court. The petitioners have completed their arguments today.

Centre will present its side starting from Sep 25th.

I am kind of disappointed that petitioners did not seem to press the point of “presence of abilities“. How to treat a caste which is able to secure adequate not necessarily proportional seats in the open competition ?

The rest of the arguments drives home the lack of current data to identify the socially and educationally backward. This is pretty much what this blog has been saying all along. The presence of and recentness of data is crucial because we are trying to identify groups that ARE socially and educationally backward, not those who WERE socially and educationally backward.

The government’s case will be interesting. I wonder if they will try to use Ekalavya and Sambukha and Manusmriti to buttress their ten-thousand year old oppression case. We need all the scientists and sociologists at hand here to give their inputs in the real world. Events and characters in Treta Yuga can wait.

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