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Indian politics and floodlights

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on November 25, 2007

The streets of Kolkata are burning, the nuclear deal is in a limbo, Muslims in West Bengal and Assam are getting restless, serial blasts go off in UP targeting advocates – but guess what  occupied the Lok Sabha for over three hours recently ?

NEW DELHI: The Bill to fix the tenure of the directors of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and the Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, was passed by the Lok Sabha on Thursday in the absence of the entire Opposition, which walked out in protest.

Source : Hindu

Now, I do not care about the so called “fight” between Dr Ramadoss and Dr Venugopal. It can never be a fight because our politicians can send Venugopal packing at any time. They can amend the constitution if they wish for that purpose.

I am interested in why this issue (which is minor) produced such an intense debate in a full house. This reminds one of the late night cabinet meetings attended in full during the introduction of the quota bill. No national issue has captured the politicians attention as much as the future of their “magic wand”.  A poor night soil carrier cannot count on his or her actual pathetic socio-economic condition to deliver justice, he needs to fall at the feet of politicians with the “magic wand”. The media will take care not to raise questions that challenge the roots. For example : Are the night soil carriers getting their share of ‘social justice’? Is milk being squirted in their direction from the udders of the socialist state ?

The politicians do not realize that data is like light. Sure you can build a dark room, but some naughty slivers will still sneak in. Muslims in Bengal are just finding out how they have been taken for a ride by the communists. You have to be incredibly naive to attribute the recent violence entirely to  Nandigram or Taslima Nasreen. The embers are burning – these are just rally points. Is the Sachar report on WB a mere sliver of light that has the potential to take down the mighty communists ?

When I predicted exactly this sequence of events over 6 months back, I was branded a racist and a violent individual by certain “intellectuals”.

If you dont produce data  .. remember this, the truly backward will be easy pickings for left extremists. It is not the absence of a social justice initiative that drives a poor kid in Bastar into the Maoist fold. It is the feeling that even if the Indian social justice works exactly as designed, there is nothing in it for him.  He has reached a dead end with the Indian state.

Bring floodlights into the room. Light it up. Snatch the “magic wand” from the politicians and deliver it into the hands of data. Show the nation that citizens are divided along lines drawn by actual backwardness and not by political convenience.

Public goods in open competition may yield unequal distribution, resources under social justice cannot. That is the whole point.

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