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No survey says the UPA government !

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on November 28, 2007

This is not surprising,

Anxious not to offend the well-entrenched “backwards”, the Cabinet Committtee on Political Affairs (CCPA) has decided against commissioning a survey to weed out the ‘OBC elites’ from among the quota beneficiaries.

Source :  TOI

This is shocking,

Government, however, has been sensitive of treading on the powerful OBC toes, especially because the majority of backwards does not seem to have grown resentful of the privileged minority in their midst.

Emphasis added. 

Source : TOI

Unless the really backward do not demonstrate via action resentment against some other groups, there is no need to monitor anything. 

Perhaps they really mean this :

Our vote banks are secure, calm, and are not bombing each other. Only two groups are affected : those who are excluded from these benefits and those who are too backward to avail of it.  Why unnecessarily create trouble by doing pesky things like monitoring and studying the effects of 80+ year old policies ?


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  1. xyz said, on November 28, 2007 at 5:21 pm

    What is the incentive to upset the status quo?The two groups affected do not count.Sometimes,i feel this is how ancient india must have perished.

    Pseudo kshatriyas take over.The savarnas who care for equity and excellence became powerless.They lose interest in politics.The really poor are oppressed.False ideologies with meaningless slogans are mouthed.Al ot of hot air is blown.In ancient india,this might have been degenerate and life-killing it is karu,khalistani,dalit christian rubbish.Parochial forces gain.

    But what is the root problem?It is the social composition of india.The fear of the brahmanas to be lost among the masses.The difference between sanskrit/english and chauvinist traditions.There are regional variations of the theme.This ofcourse is a gross/crude oversimplification.

    There will be brilliant indvidual achievements.But india does not have a common national culture.(as pointed out by british historians,nirad chaudhri and barb).There is greater coalescence in the gangetic plains/north india and the deccan.But even in bihar there is a divide between the brahminical and buddhist traditions.Add to it tribal traditions,islam,christianity.Distinct traditions among jat sikhs,tamils etc.

    The only countervailing force is the middle class.Even here the apex of the pyramid comes from a narrow social base.And this causes envy among thakurs,mudaliars.Democracy promises equality but to many backwards fed on empty slogans,they are not able to get their hands on iits.Also a technologically advanced society produces a class of homo superiors and a managerial/technocrat/entrepreneur class which is affluent and a super rich industrial class.This causes immense envy among dominant peasant landed castes(jat sikhs,kammas,vanniyars).The congress has managed the flow of money to the satraps better.The need for the High Command has to be seen in this context.Only the brahmanas /khatrisand banias , kayasthas have a natural interest in the concept of india.Even the rajputs have an interest in the feudal order.

    Most bloggers from the savarna community do not take into account the perceived self interests of the landed castes,the racial/linguistic diversities.How can the congress upset the apple cart?The number of ezhavas,kapus,yadavs,kurmis,thevars,gounders,vanniyars is much larger than the savarnas.Being landed castes who have benefited immensely from social change they have a vice like grip on power.Yes,there are internal contradiction.Some like gounders and kapus cannot be classified as backward by any measure,but they have power.The smaller castes,marginal artisans and labourers do not have power.There is no way savarnas can override them in the hierarchy of command/organisation.These castes form an important component of hindu society.They are going to be the neo pseudo kshatriyas.They are particularly important outside the gangetic heartland.

    All real societies work on realpolitik.There is some workable arrangement,A balance of power is worked out.These peasant groups and hopefully some artisan groups who will benefited by the trickle down effect will bring fresh blood,initiative,perspectives,skills.

    The Congress High Command is doing a balancing operation.The very best institutes cannot be at the mercy of anbumanis.But their votes count.Some concessions have to given to regional chieftains.Opportunities will be increased.May be the elite institutions will be spared.

    As the middle class expands,the focus will be on energy,new technologies,environment.Who would have thought an year back,karu and maran will be at each other throats.or ramadoss would be intimidating karu day and night.Karu has been made to eat humble pie on the rama sethu issue as well as on LTTE.The Hindu process of assimilation/synthesis is at work.Hindus have a different way of reckoning time.

    As perceival spear noted in his book “Ancient India”,there has always been an yearning towards indian unity without the power to achieve it.This means uniform standards/quality is almost impossible.Some will have to pay dearly for this indifference/callousness.Again this tells why our society is so conservative/indvidualistic in a very indian way,with all the group identities.

    After the present dispensation(the backwards) take over,there will be some equilibrium.Even the BJP does not oppose reservation.It might even consolidate the caste hindu vote.Yesterday,ramadoss attended a meeting with the Hindu munnani leader Rama Gopalan expressing support for Tamil hindus in malaysia.But in the long run, these caste/linguistic contradiction will weaken the nation.That is sometime way.

    By that time,new problems like energy/environment might put such mundane political problems(reservations) in the pale.There will be new power equations,no holds barred fight for real political /economicpower.

    I have said the same thing a hundred times before.I seek your indulgence one more time.might sound trite.But there is something called the Law of Karma.In this flux,all sentient beings reap the fruit of their actions.Have faith in Iswara.(Karmanyeva Adhikaraste…).Good Wishes.

  2. realitycheck said, on November 30, 2007 at 7:26 am


    Excellent insight as usual. Just a couple of observations :

    >> By that time,new problems like energy/environment might put such mundane political problems(reservations) in the pale. >>

    I too visualize this scenario, but with different conclusions.

    When energy, livable environs, and clean water become the number one issue in this country. The ‘magic wand’ of the politicians will become even more powerful nor weaker. The magic wand works best in an environment of shortage. After all, the main concern is who gets shafted in what order.

    In the initial stages, livable environs and access to scarce natural resources will be first cornered by the enablers (read politicians). In the next stage, when more shortage hits, they will then seek to impose regimes directing ownership and control of these assets to the groups they represent.

    Look around : See who controls the granite mines, runs the highly lucrative riversand mining, many politicians own tea coffee cardamom estates with water sources, land tracts around the metros are the latest targets of buyers with political backing.

    Like others, I too can work the system, but I would rather work another system.

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