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President signs AIIMS amendment bill

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on November 30, 2007

Dr Venugopal’s remarkable career at AIIMS is about to end shortly.  President Pratibha Patil signed the bill into law today. It is remarkable that such legislative effort has been spent into punishing the AIIMS director. This is at most a minor issue worthy of very little of precious “Parliament time”.

Maybe like “dream budget” , the word “autonomy” itself is not to be taken too seriously.

Sir, is that when we say that we must protect its autonomy, we do not mean that AIIMS can be ‘autonomous from social justice’. …  …(Interruptions)… There is no such thing as ‘autonomy from social justice’. …(Interruptions)… There is no such thing as autonomy from the constitutional provisions, autonomy from affirmative action, and there is no such thing as autonomy from the needs of the deprived sections, and, therefore, …(Interruptions)...

Brinda Karat in the RS

Ms Karat :

You do not want AIIMS / IISc / IIT “autonomous from social justice”, yet you want social justice itself to be autonomous of any data or inspection.

For the poor patients waiting for treatment at AIIMS and the doctors working there : We only want to say “Wahrheit Macht Frei

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  1. Revathi said, on December 1, 2007 at 9:15 am

    I think that Venugopal should muster up funds from private parties to set up a parallel institute and promote excellance. He should realise that he is wasting precious time in fighting a cause not worth fighting for- unnecessarily the institute is paralysed. If he really cared for his patients, if he is really a man with so much energy that he cannot retire at 65 like everyone else, he should walk out like so many others have done before.

  2. ravisrinivas said, on December 2, 2007 at 7:52 am

    Brinda could have said all that in a single sentence : Autonomy means
    do what we say. Doublspeak is not alien to commuist/marxist discourse.
    I hope that SC will strike down the Act.

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