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India ruling the world !!

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on December 14, 2007

Reality Check to media :

We told you not to go overboard on Vikram Pandit. You did just that. The country was subject to an interview of his gushing father and whatnot. Now, it appears you are ready to up the celebrations.

We have this headline :

Indian biz leaders top world, rival US firms.

You media types are really testing us, arent you ?

The greatness of America in allowing immigrants like Nooyi and Pandit to have a bright career, the greatness of America in building and maintaining institutions where hard work is rewarded, and finally the greatness of America in not ridiculing the Indian media on its sloganeering such as ,  “world at India’s feet”.

The corporate promotions of these brilliant Indian-American citizens points to the greatness of that country and maybe even the greatness of these specific private enterprises.

This does not mean all Indians can procure a US/EU Visa at the nearest fair price shop and emulate these people. Sorry to break your hearts, but they have only a very limited appeal as role models for your average Arun Kumar of 10 Std B Section.

The world is laughing at us when you print headines such as “ruling the world”.

They are just too polite to laugh to our faces.


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  1. Rohit said, on December 16, 2007 at 6:55 am

    “They are just too polite to laugh to our faces. ”

    And thats the case in nearly every arena. The Aussies are too polite to tell us that we’re a one-sport nation that doesn’t even excel at that sport. The Americans wont laugh to our faces cause they’re here to make money. Hollywood praised Bollywood in public light, whilst quietly sneering away at the quality of our productions.

    Somehow, the Indian media doesn’t seem to realize that.

  2. Mahesh said, on December 24, 2007 at 1:37 am

    In the US, people are result oriented. They don’t care about your past or background as much as what you can deliver.

    Brilliance means how you apply your brain and what is achieved.

    In India, by ‘Brilliant’, they mean people who have backgounds such as IIT/IIM , other top colleges and the marks procured in 10/11/12th classes, college etc.

    By this logic , others are ‘certified’ stupid. I’m one of those deemed stupid who found acceptance, appreciation and achievement in the US

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