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Modi wins, but..

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on December 23, 2007

 The current favourite line of the media (all channels) is this.

It is a win for Modi, not so much for the BJP !!

WTF. Tell that to the lakhs on BJP workers on the ground.

Read offstumped for more.

My initial reactions. 


Those who truly seek justice for riot victims, must now train their guns on people like Zadaphia. This is the right time to get these people who allegedly led from the front. Their crimes (if any) do not wash off if they join the Congress.  They have painted themselves into a corner by backing the wrong horse. This makes advancing the legal process against them much easier.


Gujarat is different from the rest of India. The reasons are not what the media thinks.

1/ The free agent voters (not tied to arbitrary caste benefits) are much higher. So people do not rally around mere catch phrases.

2/ The social scene is backed by data that suggests an more equitable distribution of benefits under social justice schemes. The OBC /SC /ST populations are in line with the national average. This prevents major distortions like in TN (only 4-5% forward) vs WB (only 6-8% OBC).


The media must restrain itself now in its attacks on Modi. The least they can do is to not invite him to a conference and call him a mass murderer in front of thousands of cheering delegates. The muslims of Gujarat can do without such help.


The rest of the nation will wait for data (truth) to find its right place. This will deliver (a) true social justice to the really deserving, (b) snatch the magic wand from politicians to define, (c) force an examination of catch phrases like “communal party” and “secular forces”.

The wait is on.

2 Responses

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  1. reason said, on December 25, 2007 at 3:16 pm

    >> The rest of the nation will wait for data (truth) to find its right place.

    It could also wait for Madam Mayawati to cut away the Kaangress’s captive Dalit vote. Election commission hasn’t put up vote percentages yet – that is a number I look for in any election. From media reports, it appears BJP polled 49%, kaangress 39% and BSP – 9%.

    Take your pick – did data defeat kaangress in gujarat, or did Maya?

    Either way, its a great win for Modi. He showed the evil, communal, anti-social-justice, capitalist Hindoo middle class could be enthused to vote on polling day, and also turn up to cheer on swearing in.

    And I will wait for Maya to repeat her performance in Karnataka. The BJP does not have a Modi here 🙂

  2. realitycheck said, on December 26, 2007 at 1:59 pm

    >> BSP – 9%.

    How many of these

    a) automatically vote for Congress as a second choice
    b) will vote in the same numbers if BSP was not in the fray

    The Congress made a cardinal mistake of assuming Gujarat would also mobilize along caste lines like say TN/Bihar/UP/everywhere else. The KHAM factor was more of a SHAM factor.

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