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Phrase of the year award

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on December 25, 2007


The Reality Check 2007 Phrase of the Year award goes to :

“Inclusive growth”

A remarkably flexible phrase that can be adapted to any situation.  He makes his appearance in every CII conference as well as in socialist policy documents.  This phrase is a friend of both selfish anti-competitive corporates and socialist politicians. The phony capitalist types want to support “inclusive growth” in exchange for 5 hectare tax havens called SEZs, the socialists want “inclusive growth” between religious groups or to ensure even distribution of heart surgeons. There are even reports of bandits investigating whether this phrase can be adapted to their industry vertical. They are conducting field trials in central India to gauge its effectiveness in explaining bank robbery. After all, their bank accounts did not show the same growth as the banks balance sheet. “How can some bank accounts be so far behind others, given that our accounts were opened at the same time in the same branch ?. We need inclusive growth too” asks Mr Mao Rao.  We think Mr Rao is pushing the envelope here, but his arguments are hard to counter.  This just shows how powerful this phrase is.

Truly a worthy winner. 


Some coverage in the media.

Prior winners congratulate POTY 2007 winner

PTII News Wire

Mumbai, Dec 24 2007

Mr Dream Budget, who is a former Phrase of the Year himself, called up Mr Inclusive Growth and congratulated him as soon as he heard the news. He is said to have welcomed him into the elite club.

Ms Fraternity, a former Ms India and Phrase of the Year winner in 1950, could not be reached via telephone for comment. She was hugely popular in the 50’s, even making daily appearances in the constituent assembly. Old-timers recall how the entire nation was mesmerized by her beauty.  Her family members who picked up the phone said she has been admitted to a private nursing home in Mumbai due to ill health.

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