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Benazir Bhutto

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on December 28, 2007

Pakistan’s most popular leader, Benazir falls prey to terrorists.

A sad day for all of us. 

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I was watching the coverage last night. I noticed something very weird. I also have a couple of observations about Musharraf.

1. Visuals showed many Pakistani forces hosing down the blast area with pressurised water just an hour or so after the blasts. I have never seen anything like that, anywhere. This is a crime scene, is it not ? Could they have completed their investigations so quickly ? I even saw smoking car parts, human limbs being washed away. Very very strange.

2.  I always believed that after the Kargil misadventure and the subsequent coup – things would start to slide downhill. What is the truth about Kargil from the Pakistani side ? What is the secret of Musharraf’s acceptibility to the west ? Is he responsible for the death of 3000-5000 of the most motivated and deadly jihadis in the Kargil/Dras/Batalik heights ? The Taliban is Pakistan’s problem, but Kargil and the attempts to hide what truly happened in entirely Musharraf’s.

3. There are a few in India who point out that Benazir is not India’s friend. She brought Kashmir into prominence, aided terrorist training camps, raked up Kashmir at every international event, etc. They are completely off the mark. Benazir was a popular Pakistani leader, not a popular Indian leader. She will, and others after her will, work to Pakistans benefit. What sets her and Nawaz apart from Musharraf is the how they go about it and whose help they seek. 

India must reinforce its borders in Kashmir and harden its stand (whatever is left of it) on Kashmir now.

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  1. Assman said, on December 28, 2007 at 11:15 am

    Very sad day for all of us indeed.

  2. Kumar said, on December 28, 2007 at 2:40 pm


    Benazir was a democratically elected leader. But that’s where it stops. She was friend of India whenever *she* was in trouble, just like her dad proving that the guava doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

    The insurgency in Kashmir gained traction on her watch i.e., her first stint as PM. And so did Taliban. Grant it that she had little control over ISI, but it’s a fact that she did turn a blind eye when Pakis were exporting terrorism.

    Cut Pasting from a yahoogroup post:
    One of the great mysteries of our contemporary history is, just what happened between India and Pakistan in the summer of 1990? Did India and Pakistan come close to a war without any immediate provocation? Or, more precisely, did Pakistan deliberately increase tension levels and then threaten India with a pre-emptive nuclear strike? This is when the then prime minister, Benazir Bhutto, was shouting her slogans of azaadi, and exhorting the people of Kashmir to cut Jagmohan, then governor of the state, into pieces, as in “jag-jag, mo-mo, han-han”. She would say this while making chopping motions with her right hand as it moved from her left wrist to the elbow, leaving nobody in any doubt as to what she meant.

    That we were reaching a warlike situation was beyond doubt. I watched that situation closely as a reporter and some details of the immediate situation were documented in two India Today cover stories that summer, ‘Playing with Fire’ (May 31, 1990), which I reported from Pakistan, and ‘Ready for War’ (January 31, 1991) subsequently from New Delhi. The tension peaked when Benazir repeated her late father’s immortal boast of waging a thousand-year war against India and even the Indian PM who had watched the situation with a great deal of circumspection thus far, was forced to mock her in Parliament, asking if those who talked of a thousand-year war could last even a thousand hours.

  3. realitycheck said, on December 28, 2007 at 4:45 pm


    Both she and Nawaz have done their bit in Kashmir. So they were a dangerous adversary to India during their time. But..

    Musharraf is another animal altogether. I believe if the Kargil truth came out, it would be something like this. Most of us probably know this anyway.

    He drafted the support of the most hardcore and motivated Jihads. He also brought in foreign terrorists to Pakistani soil in significant numbers for the first time. Sudanese, Yemen, Arabs, Somalis – they were all sighted in the frontlines. In exchange for this, we need to know what he promised them. What happens when such a gamble goes horribly wrong and the mujahideen lose 3000-5000 of their most valuable fighters ?

    I read Mush’s book (did not purchase, rather speed read the whole thing in the bookstore) – it belied Mush’s anxiety to get his version out before Nawaz got to tell his side. Both Benazir and Nawaz could not have played such a dangerous game with imported Jihadis.

    I do not know what India can do. I personally would like India to actively undermine Mush. We do not have to fall in line with the US policy.

  4. Kumar said, on December 28, 2007 at 5:53 pm


    All Paki rulers

    have played/will play

    the Kashmir card to the boot.

    >>I do not know what India can do.

    What would Vishnugupt/Chanakya do today if he was alive?
    Is there anyone (in places that matter) who would even measure up a tenth of what he was?

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