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Politicians fake it on national statistics day

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on June 29, 2008

Any idea who the guy in the picture is ?

He is PC Mahalanobis, the founder of the Indian Statistics Institute. Read more about him here. Given the spirit of this blog, if we had to choose an “icon player” – it would have to be him

Here is the supreme irony.

Since last year (2007), the Indian government has been observing his birthday, June 29th as National Statistics Day. Today, there was an event at the India International Centre in New Delhi commemorating the occasion.

Here is what Pranab Mukherjee had to say (source  : Theindian )

We must continue to produce reliable, relevant and timely data for the formulation and monitoring of policies in the interests of poor and the most vulnerable groups,” Mukherjee told a gathering here to mark the National Statistics Day.

RC : Check !

“The quality of statistics being generated by a country contributes immensely to its reputation. It is not merely the question of availability of data, but its reliability and transparency,” he said.

RC : Great !

“Environmental degradation, climate change and its concomitant effects, disaster management, and global good and energy security are only a few examples of such imperatives that have come to the fore in recent years.”

RC says : Hey ! What about the “poor and vulnerable groups“. They dont give a shit about climate change. Arent you forgetting something ? Subtle Hint : measure the programs that target them.

They wont leave poor Mahanalobis alone. They make him watch this spectacle from above. All the “pillars of democracy”.