Reality Check India

Vote for change

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on November 28, 2008

Go out and vote, says the Acorn.

I would rephrase it :

Indian voters ! Please make a sacrifice. Judge the candidates on their position on big ticket issues. No  no, do not vote for the ‘benefit protector’ who can also do big ticket issues on the side. Ignore the benefit protector altogether. I know it is easy for me to say this. I am asking you to vote against your own self interest in the name of a larger good, while I have to make no such sacrifice. It so happens that we need a minimum number of  leaders who get voted in and out based on such big ticket issues. Only then will nations interest in tackling these big ticket issues be represented.

Benefit protectors are not just those who protect existing or promise new turf based on caste/ religion. Everyone who has made a dime in the real estate, SEZ, tax holiday schemes have protectors too.


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