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Can we at least “politicize” price rise ?

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on December 10, 2008

No you cant ! Inflation and hunger is a common enemy and we should not fight political games over such a serious issue. No partisanship please.

Happy with the answer ?

Does something not feel right about it ?


Yet again, I dont mean to pick on CNN-IBN. This channel is the loudest and  has a higher proportion of opinion to news. None of the other outlets like NDTV or Times Now are pushing this opinion as aggressively.

See this snapshot from their website

IBN Live Website

Source : IBN Live Website

Unfortunately, the BJP and a lot of bloggers too have taken the media bait. The IBNLIVE story completely overlooks the huge wins for the BJP in MP and Chattisgarh.  Did the ‘terror plank’ work in these two states ? If yes, I am sure the BJP will take it !

Fact is : Big ticket items will matter less and less in Indian elections. The influence of big ticket items closely track the population of free agent voters and the enthusiasm of groups with interests to protect.

No media channel talks about the issue of price rise. Correct me if I am wrong , but this was the main plank of the BJP in Delhi leading up to the elections until the Mumbai attacks. Millions of Delhi’s lower middle class and the poor endure a painful daily existence due to the skyrocketing prices of essential goods. If I am not mistaken these same news channels ran stories on it. Housewives complained about the cost of cooking gas and vegetables. Remember the anxiety on their faces.

Yet come election day, these issues do not matter. It matters only to those who do not have a seat in the stadium (the free agents). Price rise is common to all. Indian people want a little something that others cant have. They want this because such rival options have been put on the plate. If they do not eat it, others will eat their share. So high is the mistrust and so deep are the fault lines that no one stops to examine if the goodies are valuable or durable enough to ignore price rise or security.

Who put these goodies on the table ? Who sanctioned the deepening of fault lines and prevented their repair ? The pillars of Indian democracy. All of them.


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