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CPM for JPC to probe scam

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on December 15, 2008

Finally, one party raises its voice in Parliament about the scam. The wheeling dealing BJP does not seem to be doing its job as the main opposition party. Unfortunately, neither the media, nor the ‘middle-class’ bloggers will take it up because this been linked to the Prime Minister and P.Chidambaram, both who are above criticism.

To hell with 55,000 Crores cash money !! (I am not kidding, this is CASH the government could have got today, but has gone to Aravind-Adiga-White-Tiger-style-entrepreneurs)

CPI(M) Parliamentary Party leader Basudeb Acharia alleged Monday that “scarce” spectrum was allocated at the “fraction” of the market value leading to a loss of Rs 60,000 to the exchequer.

“The Ministry of Communications has adopted a completely inexplicable criteria of ‘first-come-first-served’ basis on license fee rates of 2001,” he said.

“This was allegedly to keep the costs low for consumers,” Acharia said but charged that the terms and conditions of license were not implemented.

The CPI leader alleged that those who got the spectrum licenses, have sold their shares at “huge profits.”

The spectrum allocation has “led to a huge scandal… It is an open scandal because of which there has been a loss to the exchequer… This is one of the biggest scams of the country,” Acharia said.

He demanded that there should be an investigation to ascertain how the allotment was done.

“A House Committee should be constituted to find out who was responsible and how the scandal took place. The Parliamentary Committee should go into the biggest scam of the time,” Acharia said.

Source :  Wire

You said it Mr Acharya, “the biggest scam of the time”.

If this trend continues, you may have to address me “Comrade” !

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