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RS debate on scam

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on December 18, 2008

Interesting parts reproduced here :

DR. V. MAITREYAN: According to the current estimates, the country has suffered a loss of nearly Rs.1,00,000 crore in this one deal. (Interruptions) To put it in perspective, the six crore population of TamilNadu can be provided rice, now priced at one rupee a kg, free of cost,through ration shops for the next 140 years with this money.(Interruptions)

– – – –

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Thirty-six seconds. (Interruptions)

DR. V. MAITREYAN: No, Sir  (Interruptions) Nothing has happened.(Interruptions) I will keep on saying. (Interruptions) From the time the rate was fixed in 2001, till the allocation was made in 2008, spectrum appears to be the only item that has not registered an increase in price for seven full years. Two companies, namely, Swan and Unitech have no experience whatsoever in telecommunication. (Interruptions) A host of other companies are involved and interlinked with these two companies. They are: Swan, Tiger, Parrot and Zebra — all zoological specimens. Nobody knows who are the people behind these mysterious companies.

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Your time is over. (Interruptions)

DR. V. MAITREYAN: Unitech is a real estate company, which got the bumper deal without investing anything in telecom infrastructure.

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: You please go. You are disturbing your own Member. (Interruptions) Nothing goes on record.

DR. V. MAITREYAN: What is this, Sir? (Interruptions)

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: No. (Interruptions)      It is Zero Hour.It is Zero Hour. (Interruptions) Mr.(Interruptions) No. (Interruptions)Maitreyan. (Interruptions) Please go. (Interruptions) Please go.

DR. V. MAITREYAN: Sir, I want to know whether the mike is switched off or not.

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN:            You see, you have taken three minutes. (Interruptions)

DR. V. MAITREYAN:          No, I will not.     (Interruptions) What is this? (Interruptions) They are disturbing me. (Interruptions)

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: I have allowed you. In another half a minute you complete it.

DR. V. MAITREYAN: One minute, Sir.

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Okay. You complete it. Complete it. If you disturb it, I will not allow that. (Interruptions) No. (Interruptions) You cannot do that.

DR. V. MAITREYAN: It got licence to operate in 22 circles for Rs.1,651 crore within weeks, it sold 60 per cent shares for Rs.6,120 crore to the Norwegian company, Telenor, which is currently a major telecom player in Pakistan and Bangladesh. The Home Ministry has not cleared the Telenor’s deal, as it is operating in Pakistan and Bangladesh.        The Swan Telecom bagged the licence for Rs.1,537 crore for operating in 13 circles. Within weeks, it sold 45 per cent of its shares to Etisalat, the telecom giant in the UAE, for 900 million US dollar. (Interruptions)

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Your one minute is over. (Interruptions) One minute is over. Shri Tapan Kumar Sen. (Interruptions) Nothing else will go on record. It is over.

SHRI TAPAN KUMAR SEN (WEST BENGAL): Sir, I stand here to..


MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: That is not going on record. (Interruptions) It is not going on record. (Interruptions) It is not going on record. (Interruptions) Nothing is going on record.          (Interruptions) Nothing is going on record. (Interruptions) I have called Mr. Tapan Kumar Sen. (Interruptions)
Read the full transcript here (a PDF document)

All RS debates are here

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  1. reason said, on December 18, 2008 at 6:09 pm

    your links for news reports are mostly from new indian express. That paper also ran lot of stories on a conflict between the ex-minister from that family and the Tata group. Even the Tata group did not appear to be interested in that.

    the counter-charge is that spectrum has been sold on first-come basis in India even during Arun Shourie’s tenure. Is that correct?

  2. Barbarindian said, on December 18, 2008 at 11:18 pm

    They are: Swan, Tiger, Parrot and Zebra — all zoological specimens.

    Is there a way we can license the LS/RS debates for making into a comedy later on? I am hoping since I thought about it first, I can license them for free.

  3. Indian lad said, on December 19, 2008 at 5:17 pm

    The SPECTRUM scam is a real serious issue. It is sad to see that people have not understood the gravity of it.
    It is really serious and grave. No DMK & Congress men have answers for the questions raised.Only way to counter this situation is by making noises.That’s exactly what they did.

  4. xy said, on December 20, 2008 at 11:32 am


    Do you have any information on reason’s query?

    Is it possible that this is normal political corruption-legitimate pickings-business as usual.

    Or is this a bribe to kalaignar to keep quiet on the emotive LTTE issue.’Daana’ is a legitimate part of statecraft.Maybe BJP is quiet taking into account the larger perspective.

  5. rc said, on December 20, 2008 at 4:07 pm

    >> Do you have any information on reason’s query?

    7 years ago India had only 4 mil mobile users. Besides even that price was indicated by an auction.

    Sounds like an alibi to me.

    >> Is it possible that this is normal political corruption-legitimate pickings-business as usual.

    No, not at this scale. Sukh Ram was convicted for a 3-year jail term for causing a loss to the exchequer to the amount of **Rs 1.8 CRORE !!** <– thats right, this is the daily bank interest that the amount in this scam can earn.

    The clearest clue about the kind of abyss we Indians (who live in India) are facing is the total lack of interest in this scam.

  6. […] 19 2008 : RS Debate on scam I remember around this time there was a near complete blackout in the media. I had to find […]

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