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No simple scams please

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on December 19, 2008

Well, it turns out that corruption is no longer a middle class issue. The latest trend is to ‘demand accountability from elected leaders’. What if I told you that the NIA is going to be worthless and that we will have no police reform. Sure, we will make a half hearted attempt. Sure, this attempt at building a brand new institution is worth blogging about, but you would have to ignore the obvious.

A “new” institution like the NIA is nothing but a bunch of humans who will end up running it. The integrity and motivation of these humans will only last until one of them bumps into a scam and is forced to look the other way. There will be a few individuals who are able to ignore obvious scams and continue to be highly motivated. These specimens do exist and they are the ones who keep this ship afloat.

Remember, every scam deposits a bunch of negative energy into the system. There are stake holders in it who may even be the very forces that run these institutions. As scams go, what really matters is the simplicity of the scam and not its size. This is why I prefer complex scams to simple ones. It is dead easy to bump into simple scam and really difficult to ignore it.

Today, there is a trend in favour of simple scams that are easy to understand. Contrast with past scandals like Bofors or Harshad Mehta or Sukh Ram. The alleged spectrum scam takes it to a new level. Stripped of inter deparment politics, it is a simple case of selling government assets for its market price through a middleman instead of directly. If there are political formations who have benefited, they will have a huge advantage at the polls. Why ? Their cash generation and subsequent immunity has been proven yet again. Vote marshals are attracted to such political formations. The end result is that the educated middle class vote the bloggers talk about is devalued by that much. Therefore, demanding accountability is placed out of reach by that much.


We will continue to follow this story. Of course stupid, we are aware it will die soon. The PM and former FM continue to maintain a silence waiting for this outcome. Which they will be rewarded with in due time.


News links :

The Speaker (who refused to resign his post even after expulsion from his party) has refused a JPC probe on the scam.  The left parties checkmated by their own former leader !

The Telenor-Unitech deal is running into rough weather. It turns out that the parent company of Unitech Wireless had huge debts.

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  1. WORKER BEE said, on December 19, 2008 at 5:46 am

    Talebs black swan event. Read this story.

  2. AG said, on December 19, 2008 at 6:40 am

    rewarded = elected with a thumping majority?
    perhaps not individually, both of them being ‘electile dynfuctional’ ( (C) offstumped)

  3. […] 19 2008 : No simple scams please We will continue to follow this story. Of course stupid, we are aware it will die soon. The PM and […]

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