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Bar attack

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Bar attack II

First, a 60 year old Subramanian Swamy was attacked inside the court house in front of judges by advocates.

In an unprecedented and despicable show of intolerance, a group of advocates on Tuesday assaulted Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy and hurled eggs and invectives on him at the Madras High Court hall in full view of a couple of judges. Swamy, who was at the court in connection with the Chidambaram Natarajar temple case, received a couple of punches on his back from the unidentified unruly advocates.


Some threw rotten eggs inside the court hall and shouted filthy slogans. The slogans included `Brahmin dog down down’ and ..

Source : Express Buzz

Next, the police and the lawyers fought a pitched battle straight out of a war movie.

Though the entire top brass of the city police was present, they could exercise little control over the force. Even when the acting chief justice, flanked by a dozen senior judges, came out of the court and walked towards the battlezone to pacify the warring groups, they were greeted by stones and had to beat a hasty retreat. Justice Arumuga Perumal Adityan who advanced towards the police cordon waving his hands, was lathicharged and suffered an injury on his head. The climax to the clash was the burning of the police station on the campus. As security personnel withdrew from inside the structure, advocates barged in and smashed up the property before setting it on fire.

Source : Times of India

One of the judges remarked,

“There is a limit for everything,’’ Justice Chandru was heard yelling.

We will not go into the details (but broadly agree with the judge).

This whole incident is very fishy.  Mr Swamy cannot even win 10,000 votes. His opinion on Sri Lanka means nothing just like Cho Ramasamy’s opinion means nothing. 39 of 40 Central MPs are not eligible to participate in the Ooty Dog Show (except Mani Shankar Aiyer – who is a fine specimen). There are only two canines in the Tamilnadu assembly (both not in the ruling coalition). Both of them resemble elephants more than dogs. From the police to education to economy to even temple administration – Brahmins are close to zero.

Whatever harm ‘Brahmin dog’  deposit loser Koombai Swamy can do, 39 victorious and brave MPs should be able to undo. Whatever harm  Rajapalayam Cho Ramasamy can do via his lowly magazine, 22 TV channels and top print media owned by the  Real Tamils should be able to undo.

This caste obsession is making Tamils the laughing stock of the world. The Real Dravidian Tamils should stop pretending like they are still being oppressed by some fancy force. They control the government at the centre in an unprecedented way. Finance, Health, Telecom, Transport,Home, Social Justice  – all are with Real Tamils. The only “dog” Chippiparai Mani Shankar is relegated to obscurity.

Just treat the two old men like comic characters if you wish. Beating up 60 year old people is not very brave. The only place now to show bravery is in the fields of Wanni.If 39 Brave Hot Blooded Tamil MPs and 234 MLAs are not on your side, that is a bigger problem than two powerless old men.

Ignore them.

Ministers helicopter attacked

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Location : A dusty rural fort in Maharashtra

Distance from nearest pub : 123 Kilometres

A ministers helicopter was attacked by a furious mob.

Pune, Feb 19 : Demonstrators demanding reservation for Maratha community pelted stones in the direction of a helicopter carrying Maharashtra Finance Minister Dilip Walse- Patil at Shivneri Fort today.

Three activists of Maratha outfit Sambhaji Brigade and a policeman were injured when police indulged in lathi-charge as the protesters turned unruly and hurled stones at the helicopter, police said.

The incident happened just before Chief Minister Ashok Chavan’s helicopter was to land at the historic fort, around 100 km from here, for a function on the occasion of the birth anniversary celebration of Chhatrapati Shivaji, they said.

Source : Samay

I happened to watch footage of the attack on TV. Let me tell you it was not pretty. Picture a dusty field with hundreds (maybe thousands) of enraged youth. Major melee, lathicharge, injuries. It was like a war zone into which the chopper tried to land. Somewhat like Blackhawk Down without the guns.

Sure enough the police and media brought it under control. I could not catch more footage in the evening news channels. I would say if a chief minister of Indias financial capital was attacked, it deserves more coverage. Maybe not as much as the outrage in Mangalore, but at least half of it.

The Marathas have every right to ask for a quota. Without clarity and strict scrutiny, they also have the right to expect to breach the 50% limit. Ironically, their claim is solidly based in equality. If HE can have it , why cant I ?

Wheeling and dealing of special citizenship status is the main activity of todays political leaders. Sorry bloggers, a new horizontal citizenship group called the middle class or the educated class cannot form in this environment.

The system of quota-without-data is unparalleled anywhere in the world. If India manages to pull it off, it will have proven everyone wrong. It has become our national project prove that equality of citizens is NOT a bedrock of a modern liberal democracy.

If we cant prove it, we will die trying.

Dear Mr Muthalik

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Dear Mr Muthalik,

In a weeks time, you will receive receive thousands of pink underwear from enraged youth, mostly women. This is because of your opposition to Valentines Day. Personally, I do not think Valentines Day is something worth fighting against, at least not now. Only about 4321 people in a country of a billion even know what it is. They live, shop and eat in locations far removed. Our humble suggestion is Sri Ram Sena must fight for evidence based accountable social justice if it wishes to protect Indian culture. The linkage between the two is of second-order, even eminent bloggers fail to get it. Maybe you can think about it.

Yet, I think you have a right to protest Valentines day as much as the girls right to protest your protest. I do not know you but my guess is you are not very media suave. Correct me if I am wrong. You are about to be steamrollered by the English media by the panties campaign. I just want to help you out a bit, so we can avoid a completely one sided contest. What fun are one sided contests ?

On the face of it, the battle seems to be lost even before it has begun. How can you possibly counter a Gandhian campaign in the age of Munnabhai ? Do not lose hope. It is possible.

Just collect all the underwear you receive and distribute them to the poor women your neighbourhood. This will bring the stupidity of this campaign within the gravitational pull of reality.

AFP/ Getty via BBC website

Credit : AFP/ Getty via BBC website

This will be a win-win for both you and the outraged ladies who sent you the underwear.

Win for you : The poor women will thank you for it. You will also have the last laugh.

Win for westernized urban youth : The satisfaction of having purchased new underwear for a useful cause.

In parting, a message to the enraged urban girls behind this campaign. I totally understand your concern. Mass groping during Holi is obviously much more despicable than Valentines day. Yet, you have to swallow this lack of logic and put up with Muthalik and friends’ opposition to cards and roses. Just enjoy Valentines day without the loudness and pomp you might have found in the United States or Europe. After all, everyone has some price to pay for living in a socialist country. Consider the price others are paying : The hopelessly backward asphalt road paver is being denied social justice due to the lack of data. The dirt poor cook who works in grimy kitchens is being denied equality due to lack of data. Tribals turn Naxals in this land. We are talking hundreds of millions of these souls.

People here have had it so bad from socialism that we are afraid to even measure how bad it is.

You are just being asked to keep the volume down in your V-Day party. Is this a fair price for living in a socialist paradise ?

I say – We have a deal.

EC about to turn shell

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There are two ways to deal with shell institutions.

1. Do not force their hand. Orchestrate events and calibrate media coverage so that people still think there is some meat there. This is the “Keep the faith strategy

2. Force their hand. You can still calibrate media coverage. The problem happens when you ask them to openly deal with something outrageous. People see through all this. This is the “Open the kimono strategy
Example : We thought the Central Vigilance Commission had some meat on their bones, but they were forced to address the 60K Cr loss to the treasury. There is now complete silence from them while they are forced to squirm.

Example : We thought the TRAI was working in some hitech modern field, so we expect them to be above samosa eating babus. Then we find they are also toothless because their recommendations are trashed and there is no check (in the sense of checks and balances) there either.

Example : We thought the Supreme Court could address the all important twin aspects of equality and social justice. The actual verdict did not matter as long as it laid out clear checks and balances in the quota system. It needed to clarify to both the truly backward and those who were going to agree to an abridged concept of equality. The nation waited with bated breath, yet when the judgement actually came there was precious little commentary on it. The court waived its right of strict scrutiny of such a fundamental concept without telling us what its own standards of scrutiny were. Most people thought, “Oh, okay we get it. Sorry for the trouble.”

We will stop here. Why ? Because everything stems from and is rooted in this grand Indian anomaly. The day we compromise on equality and social justice is the day we selected the fork in the road.

Back to the topic.


Next on stage – The Election Commission

Telegraph India

Pic courtesy : Telegraph India

Now it is the turn of the Election Commission. They are about to step into the spotlight and find out exactly where they stand. They are being forced to open up their kimono and I suspect it is not going to be a pretty sight.

Exhibit 1

This is the constitution (via Barbarindians excellent take on the whole issue)

Provided further that any other Election Commissioner or a Regional Commissioner shall not be removed from office except on the recommendation of the Chief Election Commissioner.

– Constitution of India. Section 324(5)

Exhibit 2

The CEC has prepared a comprehensive report with over 40 acts of partisanship. We hear this includes outrageous attempts by Mr Chawla to scuttle the Karnataka elections and UP elections.
Exhibit 3

The 1995 verdict reiterated, “Since the other ECs were not intended to be permanent appointees they could not be granted the irremovability protection of the CEC, a permanent incumbent, and, therefore, they were placed under the protective umbrella of an independent CEC.”

Source : TOI

Is the timing suspect ?

This is a typical news item you see in the Indian media.

NEW DELHI: The timing of CEC N Gopalaswami’s recommendation for the removal of his likely successor Navin Chawla is no doubt suspicious as it has been made barely three months before the general election and his own retirement.

First a tutorial about the Indian media. It is 40+% news and 60-% opinion. You might wonder, exactly why is the CECs letter  “suspicious” ? Who thinks it is ? It would be suspicious if the CEC had raised the issue 9months and 11days (9-11 see) ahead of the elections. But 3 months ?

Another example is “Nation outraged over bail to Mangalore attackers. This was in big red letters flashing on major news channels. Really ? I just checked my locality and no one cares. So who thinks the “Nation is outraged” ? Who is the “Nation” ? Who checked ?

Mr Singhvi says “There are several intricate issues of law involved including the very jurisdiction of the CEC to exercise such powers on a colleague,”

I just wish a reporter asked, “Sir, intricate issues like what ?”

A boss wants to fire his subordinate. End of story.

P.Chidambaram’s funny outtakes

Constitutional post

“I thought all Election Commissioners hold constitutional posts to which the Constitution prescribes the term. Neither I nor you can disturb that,” Mr. Chidambaram said here.

As the chief spokesperson of the government, Mr. Chidambaram was asked at a press conference to spell out the rules as per the law to handle the issue.

Peals of laughter

“There is no rule which requires the spokesperson of the government to be trained in law,” he said, sending the hall into peals of laughter.

Source : Hindu

Okay, I was wrong earlier. A reporter indeed had the guts  to ask him and see what happened. The press audience erupts into laughter, blissfully unaware of the ruins left behind. Blissfully unaware that the uber educated home minister is ignorant of such an important civics lesson.  A 1 minute google search could have answered his questions. The reality is that whatever the constitution says does not really matter all that much. He knows that.

As far as PCs opinion is concerned. He values “life stories” over facts. Enough said.

Be scared people.