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Election time is here

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on March 5, 2009

The election season is around the corner. The “free agents” who are increasingly getting compacted into irrelevance want big ticket issues to be back on centre stage. They probably know this already but once again,  it is not going to happen this time.  This government has shown the way ahead for this country. There are great rival gifts being dangled in front of group interests.  There is nothing to be dismayed or surprised about it.  If you invented the vacuum cleaner, would you be surprised if you turned it on and it sucked ?

Meanwhile in the life nurturing swamp, various amoeba like lifeforms representing this or that narrow interest are busy merging or splitting with other lifeforms.  Mutant amoeba which refuse to merge or split will slowly be eliminated from the ecosystem because others would have watched the mutants die and learned from it.

Our buddy Rohit has an article up in the mint titled “Indias missing think tanks

It is a good article and well written of course.  I dont want to knock it in any way. But..

Think tanks are useful but not essential to ‘democracy’.  Let me turn it around.  If we fix the basics, think tanks will automatically form and get citizen participation.  If we do not fix the basics, big picture think tanks will just cause annoyance to an establishment which can be characterized as a federation of narrow interests. They can usually put up with the annoyance but  when the rim meets the road sparks fly. What follows is usually not a pretty sight.

We need more free agents. Social justice cannot be used as a tool to subvert the political process. Delivery of social justice must be automatic, targeted and monitored. In fact the actual quantum of social justice does not matter as the way it is administered. We simply cannot walk away from this fundamental flaw.

Meanwhile, here is a picture of a tank we all need this summer. Enjoy !



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