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Not easy to undermine

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on April 14, 2009

Here is a good article in the Far Eastern Economic Review titled “One Caste, One Vote“. The article is open now, but may require registration later.

Mushirul Hasan, vice-chancellor of Jamia Millia University in Delhi, points out that “although caste and religion get intertwined very often and can complicate and confuse the picture, caste is the dominant factor in Indian politics. At the end of the day, episodic events like the Varun Gandhi comments cannot influence the mature Indian electorate, because caste solidarity is not easy to undermine.”

Source : FEER

Mr Hasan is right, but the independent sociologists at JNU must do more. I find it hard to believe that they do not see that benefit protection and not some mythical caste affinity operates the machine.

If benefits like quota based social justice can be recovered from the ad hoc protectors and subjected to a data based system, things will change dramatically.

So Mr Hasan,  caste solidarity at the voting booth is so easy, yet so difficult to undermine.

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