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Illiteracy after 60 years should shame us all

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on June 9, 2009

See this article by Jayanthi Natarajan in the Deccan Chronicle / Asian Age,

Congress, a party with a conscience

I would like to focus, however, on just one aspect — the promise to convert the National Literacy Mission into the National Mission for Female Literacy. As the speech tells us, the 2001 Census found that 75 per cent of India’s men were literate but only 54 per cent of India’s women were. This is a figure that should shame and embarrass us all.

Source : Asian Age / DC (emp added)

Whoa !  Why should this shame us all ? This should shame the party that has been in power for 47 years.  It should shame us that as a people we are not mature enough to “politicize” this.  It should shame us that we cannot see through a brazen attempt to not only dust off responsibility but to actually use this to as more evidence of the Congress partys credentials.

I do not want to pick on Jayanthi Natarajan. This is a theme that is shared by a lot of Indians.  Whenever CNN-IBN or NDTV or your favorite opinionist seeks that you do not politicize (terrorism/illiteracy/poverty) – this is the logic behind their thinking. It is assumed that poverty and third world status is our fate. The Congress cannot be held responsible for a country of losers.

As a mother, I cannot think of a greater curse, as a human being, I cannot think of a greater tragedy. The social consequences of this extend beyond just one individual or one generation.

Source : Asian Age/ DC (emp added)

Yet another illustration of the level of distortion in the Indian version of democracy. This pathetic literacy statistic is seen simply as a ‘curse’ or a ‘tragedy’. It is something that is pre ordained, a spell cast upon the country solely due to the loser-like status of the people living there. How can one blame the political dispensation of 47 years ? 

You ask ; What about poverty, illiteracy, pathetic roads, rampant power cuts, general third world living conditions ? Why cant we have after 60 years what people in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Korea, Tanzania, Zambia, Turkey and countless other countries have attained in much less. Why do we have to step over sewage everyday on our way to work ?

They say; Yes, all these should shame us all too.

Also read Gaurav’s post A Nation of Comatose

Of course, readers of this blog will know this. The root distortion in Indian democracy is social justice without data.

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  1. Gaurav said, on June 9, 2009 at 5:22 am

    look cut the lady some slack what she is saying that we should be ashamed for electing Congress despite its abysmal record.

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