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Womens quota and bread

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on June 17, 2009

Even before the ink has vanished from the voter’s fingers, the legislators are back to the quota business. See unlike you, me, and Swapan Dasgupta they know this is the bread and butter of Indian politics.

Speaking about bread, here is what I think of the womens quota.

Try slicing this length wise now

Try slicing this length wise now

After you have sliced the loaf of bread , can you turn it around and slice it again length wise ? You could but , it would leave a mess on the table.

The quota intervention is only on the basis of caste. Now that would be fine if the system was put under scrutiny. The main perversion helped by all pillars of democracy is the go-by given to even basic burden of data or evidence. It is so openly flawed that even a 10th standard child can pick it apart. The central policy that determines elections in a wannabe superpower is unable to withstand the scrutiny of a 10 year old. When the Outlook screams, in a sudden fit of epiphany, “Are OBC women not women ?” – they are shutting their eyes to the main anomaly which is the caste-quota-without-data system.

Given this state of affairs, in our primary social justice platform, can we expect to discuss the womens quota logically ? No way. It too must be ad hoc. It too must take its bite out of whatever is left of the central constitutional theme of equality.  This time it is worse because if shrinks choice.  Only women candidates from Bangalore South will be a reality.

A 10 year old might ask, why have womens quota in parliament and not in government jobs ? There is no leader in India who can answer this child other than saying, ‘it is our wish, kid‘. The very definition of ad-hoc.


Other news from the real India.

The Kerala and TN governments are against any quota help to economically backward (read poor people from reverse discriminated classes).

BJP again caught on the wrong foot. Says something incoherent about muslims. It must remember that it cannot align with the Congress on the quota issue. Sure fire way to irrelevance. What is wrong if Muslims get their share of ad hoc quotas ?

OBCs capture topper slots in CPMT UP Exams. Not only this, about half of the candidates in the top 100 were OBCs while, 60% of the top 1000 positions were bagged by candidates from the segment.  Normally, this would be taken as evidence that the castes in this group need a closer look. If some castes can bag topper seats  in the open competition they will absolutely clobber the OBC seats, leaving out the really weak communities with nothing.

But then, you all knew this already, did’nt you ?

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  1. reason said, on June 18, 2009 at 9:48 am

    I did not even know we had a commission for economically backward classes!

    it is interesting that you linked Swapan. He is the only person ‘of the other kind’ allowed on our TV. That probably brings him visitors to the blog, but there is really nothing in his blog. He could learn from Chandraban is my thought.

    we might need a quota in our parliament/assemblies for those who do not belong to dynasties. do you see the cartoons on dynastic politics now – I saw two cartoons in the last month that used an image of a child to bring a chuckle. Will we see a cartoon on dynastic politics that shows a very old man in wheelchair, his son about 60 wearing a typical rowdy dress? you see my point?

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