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Other peoples stuff, Maharashtra SSC

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on June 23, 2009

It will come as no surprise to readers of this blog that the quota system forms the foundation of Indian society. As a people, we are beginning to expect to be able to take other people’s stuff .

All you have to do is to cite some grievance and hold “taking other peoples stuff” as the only remedy. Since, our primary quota platform is devoid of data and placed beyond mandatory rational examination by our judiciary, everyone else gets to ride along.

Maharashtra recently reserved 90% seats for their state board students for junior college (Std XI) admissions. Since we are slicing the loaf of bread along multiple planes, we are not sure about what happens to SC/ST/OBC who happen to be in the remaining 10%.

A quota of the pie, Indian pizza slice child

A quota of the pie, Indian pizza slice child

Just a few days before the Std X results are to be announced, the state government suddenly takes away 90% of seats from competition and gives it to one group. This is highly immoral, illegal (not sure about India), and arbitrary. None of these CBSE,ICSE students knew about this beforehand. They would not have opted for the board then.

The point is : the casual attitude we are developing towards other peoples stuff.

Speaking to TOI soon after the decision was announced by the state education minister Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil, Vasant Kalpande, former chairman of the chairman of the Maharashtra Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education said, “I am happy with the scheme. Comparison on the basis of marks led to disadvantage for SSC students when the percentile formula was implemented last year. Such a step was essential to bring them all at par. Some students might face problems in getting admission, but they will have to face it.”

Source : TOI (emp mine)

They will have to face it. Wow! You are talking about 14-15 year old kids here. They are tasting arbitrary majority justice for the first time in this socialist wonderland.

Some more examples , see the emphasised parts:

Ram Panse, principal of Bharat Vidyalaya, congratulated the government on its decision on two counts. He said, “Firstly, hats off to the government for making this move and secondly for implementing it even after resistance and major criticism from across the state.”

Mr Panse is lauding the government for not giving in to protests. Lets move on.

Panse further added, “I think it is a right decision as majority of the students hail from the SSC board. If the government says that 90 per cent of SSC students should get preference then there’s no harm in having reservation.”

If the government says group X needs quota, then group X should be given quota. This is a familiar pattern. No country in the world has such an casual attitude towards equality and justice.

Vikhe-Patil said the state would ensure that every student got a seat but added, “Students should not be choosy about the colleges they want to get into.’’

Source : TOI

Mr Patil, if students should not be choosy, there is no need for this quota. You only want the CBSE students not to be choosy. Again an example of expecting to be able to take other peoples stuff.

Sanjay Kher and his son Nimoy, an ICSE board student have decided to fight the government’s decision in the Bombay High Court.
“This decision is in clear violation of Article 14 of the Constitution,” says Kher, who is a lawyer.

Source : IBNLIVE

Is Mr Kher  living in a cave ?  We wonder what makes him think this government action will be subject to strict scrutiny.

Vinayak Shukla, secretary of Maharashtra Education Society remarked, “If the government statistics say that there are only 10% students from non-SSC board schools in the state then the reservation is fair. But if the figures differ then it will create problems. The government, however, has to take responsibility of every student studying in the state, hence, every decision taken should be implemented carefully.” 

This is what passes for a sane voice here. Mr Shukla’s stand is that there is no harm is capping a specific group to their numeric strength while not capping others to their numeric strength.  This is the same logic that says, “caste X is only 3% but has 10% of occupation Y, so we have 7% work left to do”

In other words, everyones equality in India only extends to the numeric strength of the rigid grouping of the politicians choice.

You already know where all this is going, right ?

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  1. reason said, on June 23, 2009 at 5:36 am

    when you talk about the cbse and icse students from maharashtra, most of them will be from cities – Mumbai mostly. their parents had a vote. they had a chance to use it.

    why should anyone else worry about it? it is between them and their party.

  2. AG said, on June 23, 2009 at 11:35 am

    Arun Shourie articulated what you’re saying here lucidly in his book “eminent historians”

    1. Define everythinng in terms of ‘rights’
    2. Identify some ‘wrong’ that has been done to someone and show how it has been grievous, linked to his community/waist-hip ratio/anything
    3. Use this as the pretense to do anythinng to right this wrong, even if there is no data, or the solution is beyond practicality!

  3. Revathi said, on June 23, 2009 at 11:56 am

    God! what a load of nonsense from so called “responsible people”! If only it was not so tragic, it would be funny.

  4. RGB said, on June 23, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    Looks like the only solution for this is that the Junior Colleges should have entrance exams.

  5. AG said, on June 24, 2009 at 4:47 am

    What has happened in maharashtra is truly tragic.

    The state, once upon a time, used to have a surplus of everything — power, water, educational institutions, roads, agriculture.

    Serial myopia and wanton greed has reduced the state to a UP-bihar lookalike.

    Not surprising that we have gone from sharing bounties to rationing scarcity.
    There can be no winners when you do that.

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