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Nuke deal and the G8 statement

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on July 15, 2009

Surprising lack of commentary on the recent happenings at the G8.  To summarize, the G8 resolved (with India standing by) that they will curb technology transfer to countries that have not signed the NPT. (i.e India) 

The official statement is here.  (read it yourself , do not depend on the media to interpret it for you)

Yesterday, I happened to watch Lalit Mansingh and G.Parthasarathy on a TV channel discuss this issue. The following  is Mr Mansinghs base position. 

At the end of the day money matters. If the US does not co-operate, France and Russia will. We have major defence deals (the 136 fighter aircraft) and we are going to spend $150 Bn on nuclear industry. Given such deals up for grabs, all this posturing with G8 will fall apart.

This is naive. Even if dangling these carrots were a negotiation tactic, it should be kept under wraps.  This is also amazingly dangerous.  If you link the nuclear deal with the aircraft deal, you using the airforce as a casino table chip. What if the American warplanes are better and our enemies aquire it ?  On the otherhand, you enter negotiations with France and Russia from a weak and pathetic position. For one of the guests, the 123 agreement was primarily a prestige issue. It lifted the “ban” on Indian scientists. I wont even comment on this.

Currently, it is clear atleast to me that there is a Rashomon like understanding of the 123 agreement in the US and Indian camps. We are moving on parallel roads. At some point, we will arrive at the fork in the road. Then several things can happen, the most likely outcome will be India agreeing to fall in line. Why ? Because anything conceded can be massaged by the Indian media and the public does not have a strong opinion on the weapons thing. At least not strong enough to influence voting patterns.  A diametrically opposite environment in the USA.  Only a child would think that you can bring the USA around by merely dangling carrots in the form of 136 aircraft (using borrowed money even).

Case in point :

Former US ambassador Frank Wisner also said that his country would not backstab India on nuclear cooperation

“We are bound by a sovereign decision. US made a sovereign decision. We passed Hyde Act followed by 123 Agreement. We are bound by those laws, we respect its word. It is a law,” said Wisner.

Source : IBNLIVE  (emp added)

The quote attributed to Mr Wisner says nothing about “backstabbing”. He is merely saying that Hyde+123 is the law as far as he is concerned. How on earth does what he said translate to an ‘anti-backstabbing’ statement ?  Barbarindians has several such examples.

We were told that the nuclear deal would cover technology transfer, reprocessing rights, rights to atleast status quo on weapons programme.

But then remember we are also told that the social programs we sink crores into are reaching the targets.  We are also shown life stories of various ministers as evidence.

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  1. Barbarindian said, on July 16, 2009 at 2:50 am

    Various intellectuals are now talking about some mysterious benefits from the deal apparently no one else understands.

  2. reason said, on July 16, 2009 at 12:13 pm

    i read several (and more) of the arguments you make now from arun shourie a long long time now.

    i think the correct answer is – who the fuck gives a shit.

    i didn’t even bother putting in asterisks this time.

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