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RTI Awards – 2009, what it means

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on September 6, 2009

I am no fan of the RTI Act (Right to Information act).  I do think it has its uses. It gives one some options to track the status of personal petitions that are pending with bureaucracy. That is the long and short of it.

I just saw Prannoy Roy pitch the National RTI Awards 2009 on TV. They even have a website Among the jury are Aamir Khan, Mallika Sarahbhai, Narayana Murthy, and other luminaries. Of course, the website has the oblilgatoire banner of expressionless poor people and farmers.

RTI is not going to ‘transform democracy‘. Why ?

For big ticket issues, i.e. in which the petitioner does not have a personal and immediate interest.

RTI is nothing but NTK in disguise (Need to Know).

Actually it is more, RTI is nothing but NTK and WWTK (Who wants to know)

Actually it is even more, RTI is nothing but NTK, WWTK, and DADT (Dont ask dont tell)

Information released on a ‘need to know/ who wants to know/ dont ask dont tell’ basis is one of the the classical signs of a fake socialist state which has something to hide.

  • For personal petitions pending with the bureaucracy (eg, what happened to my passport application, what is the status of my land record) the RTI needs to be  substituted with disposal timeframes.
  • For civil issues, (eg, who is the contractor for this culvert, what is the status of the irrigation canal project) there needs to be full mandatory disclosure. You should not be required to put your well being at risk for knowing the status of tax payer projects. Too muck risk for negligible returns.
  • For the root issues (eg, what is the performance of social justice, what are the amounts and sources of inward religious charity remittances, how has the stone-breaker fared over the past 50 years, how much tax has the government lost due to the STPI and now SEZ tax schemes). For these root questions there needs to be more than automatic disclosure. The country needs deep scrutiny because these issues have a direct bearing on constitutional rights (primarily the  right to equality and right to social-justice justice but also right to tax discrimination)

The good thing is there is a rising number of youth who do not believe everything the media dishes out. There is a rising number of youth who know there is a radically better alternative to the status quo. Read the status quo as permanent third world status for the entire country and plummeting living standards for the common man.

I know what you are thinking. Something is better than nothing right ? Its hot and I crave a cold beer – but the choices are cold water or nothing.  Why would anyone knock the cold water ?

The fact is the RTI and MD (Mandatory Disclosure) are not the same thing. It is not a choice like “cold beer vs cold water”. It is more like “cold beer vs a truck tyre”, completely unrelated.

But then as GK Chesterton so beautifully put it  “a thumbscrew can also be called a manicure“.

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  1. Barbarindian said, on September 6, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    RTI has morphed into a tool in the hands of the secular lobby to harass BJP governments and politicians. The law has no teeth.

    The only way to make info truly available is for the Government to declassify all information (except sensitive defense/military of course) and decriminalize efforts to gather, publish or disseminate all public domain information. If journalists can get minute by minute update on when Kasab farted etc., we sure can get any info we want. The problem is, it is not legal at the moment.

  2. […] The media by handing out RTI Awards is encouraging citizens to adopt a dangerous vigilante style cowboy activism against the corrupt establishment. See this post for my take on the RTI Awards. […]

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  4. […] reveals 12 deaths this year and numerous harassment cases. This cowardly blog was the first to flag this the dangers of this act extensively while the courageous and independent media was handing out RTI awards. On issue after […]

  5. […] I have written against it when the entire media was filled with joy and cheer.No,  I dont like the  RTI Awards and I think RTI kills or injures people unnecessarily.  It encourages a ‘dont ask dont […]

  6. let me remain anon said, on October 31, 2013 at 12:42 am

    Sir, How is RTI Need to Know. Anyone can ask any information without specifying why he needs it.
    Though I agree that it should be replaced by disposal timeframes and mandatory disclosures, I dont understand how is it Need to Know.

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