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Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on September 16, 2009

Dividing people into rigid birth-based groups and attaching them to benefits in exchange for their votes. Playing games with equality as well as true social justice. This is the India of the 21st century.

Minority report – not even tabled in Parliament but CIC orders release to public

The report is said to favour a move towards job reservations based on educational and social status, instead of religion and caste. It says, inter alia, that “the ultimate goal should be the evolution of a uniform pattern of criteria for identifying the backward, which should be based only on the educational and economic status of people and not on their caste or religion, and its application equally to all sections of citizens, irrespective of their caste or religion”.

Source : DNA

Read between the lines. The commissioners are only saying that there should be a ‘uniform pattern’.  In the absence of  rationality even minorities should benefit from the irrationality. Both of their original selection for special status and subsequent immunity from scrutiny. Hard to disagree with this.

The Indian state must constantly explore new ways to exploit the fissures and consolidate them.

Moily writes to PM seeking caste census

Moily’s decision to take up the demand at the highest level reflects pressure of OBC chieftains to record the exact backward population. It figured in Supreme Court during hearings on OBC quota in higher education and a parliamentary panel in the 14th Lok Sabha wondered how the social justice ministry was allocating funds for welfare schemes for OBCs without being aware of their numbers.

Source : TOI

Look at the details. The clamor is not for a caste census but for an OBC count. Two very very different things. Remember, OBC is nothing but a grouping of various castes. Caste is the ultimate staging unit and not the group which is only a delivery mechanism.

  • There is no question that a group called OBC exists.
  • The only question is whether a given caste should be a member of the above list.

So is the census bad.

No.The cost of a caste census must be balanced by benefits to social justice. Caste census without strict scrutiny of benefits  is a recipe for disaster. Guarantee for permanent suspicion and social tension.

  • The census must enumerate castes
  • The census must cover all Indians (non OBC castes should also be recorded)
  • If Christians and Muslims seek similar caste benefits (eg Dalit muslim, OBC christian) they must record their caste

Presumably the result of the census will be an accurate count of various castes. Make no mistake that a sudden awareness of their numbers will permanently harden political formations. Big ticket items (like the China border issue and others you can read on blogs) will be relegated to obscurity. Politically irrelevant cocktail groups will discuss such things for a while until they get tired and finally stop.

The entire social justice discourse will be turned into a push for proportional representation. The only power worth having will be a seat on the casino table where the players will be allowed to parlay their hand into great personal and political assets.

Of course we all know the blindingly obvious answer to all this. Why not just see how each caste on the social justice platform is faring with respect to each other ?  This would be the most natural feedback and the best way to take blogs like Reality Check India off the air permanently. A true socialist state would monitor this minutely as its primary activity. A fake socialist state would hide this data and build edifices on top of this loose soil.

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  1. xyz said, on September 16, 2009 at 9:19 am

    In a very dumb way,I am relieved that the ‘social justice’ movement has reached its natural climax.

    I feel the Congress will accept the demand.It will serve the interests of high and mighty.I am interested in your take on how things will evolve if Congress accepts the demand or do you think that Congress will stand up for ‘priciples’

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