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RTI kills or injures people

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on January 14, 2010

The RTI in its current form :

  1. rations information on a need to know basis
  2. promotes a dont ask dont tell attitude
  3. always ends in a ‘who wants to know’

The media by handing out RTI Awards is encouraging citizens to adopt a dangerous vigilante style cowboy activism against the corrupt establishment. See this post for my take on the RTI Awards.

In this light, it is very saddening to hear the avoidable killing of 38 year old RTI activist Mr Satish Shetty.

Leading Right to Information (RTI) activist Satish Shetty — who exposed many land scams in Maharashtra — was killed by unidentified men while on a morning walk at Talegaon on the outskirts of this city on Wednesday.

“Around 7.15 a.m., when Shetty was on his morning walk, some unidentified people assaulted him and injured him seriously. He was rushed to a private hospital, but succumbed later,” Pradeep Aphale, investigating officer of Talegaon Police Station, told IANS.

Source : Hindu

Remember you have to provide your full address to file an RTI.  Unless used to track your passport application status or why your pension cheque is late –  this can place you and your loved ones lives in danger.

What we should root for is mandatory disclosure and full audit of all public funds. Preferably on the internet. There should not be a “who’s asking” element to seeking public information.

The media owes a big sorry or at least a discontinuation of the silly RTI awards.

A Ms Abdulali even started an organization called “Movement against Intimidation, Threats and Revenge against Activists (MITRA)” . She has a list of people who were intimidated and even injured due to RTI.

“This has become a trend and social activists are considered soft targets, the government must take immediate steps to stop such attacks,” Ms. Abdulali, convenor of Movement against Intimidation, Threats and Revenge against Activists (MITRA), told IANS.

MITRA has sent letters to Home Minister R.R. Patil, listing the attacks suffered by activists in the past few years.

Ms. Abdulali was threatened and assaulted in May 2004, H.S. D’Lima of Citispace threatened and assaulted in March 2005, James John of AGNI was threatened and assaulted in March 2006, activist Edwin Britto, was threatened and attacked in 2000 and again in June 2005, Suryakant Panchal of BEAG was assaulted in June 2004, Anandini Thakoor and Aftab Siddiqui got threats in July 2005, January 2009 and mobbed thrice, Navin Pandya of AGNI was threatened and attacked in September 2009, S. Ganesan was threatened and attacked in November 2002, and Navleen Kumar was attacked in 2002.

The media will egg us on,  but think about it as individuals and family people. Is  fighting the crimino-politico setup while leaving your behind unguarded a sign of courage ?

Lets ask the soldiers fighting in the snows of Kashmir whether it is better to wear white or black uniforms.


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  1. reason said, on January 14, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    please blame this also on the Hindu mutts not doing enough 🙂

    welcome progressives.

  2. rc said, on January 15, 2010 at 3:00 am

    reason needs to calm down 🙂

    What xo said needs to be reflected upon.

  3. reason said, on January 18, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    there are a lot of things to be reflected upon. please check if this is worthy of a reflection or two –

    “Rajesh Mahale, the counsel for Anjuman-e-Islam, expressed apprehension that there could be violent incidents if the decision went against Anjuman e-Islam.

    The bench retorted that if Mahale made statements of such nature, the media would take it up and that would lead to violent incidents.”

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  5. […] when the entire media was filled with joy and cheer.No,  I dont like the  RTI Awards and I think RTI kills or injures people unnecessarily.  It encourages a ‘dont ask dont tell’ attitude in government instead of […]

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